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What to do at home during a quarantine?

This quarantine may become a true challenge for those who usually spend weekends actively. You are probably looking for something new, apart from movies, music, and books, for example, for vivid impressions and smart entertainment. In this article, we will tell you what else you can do at home during a quarantine.

For those who stayed in town

what to do at home during quarantine, what to do at home, what to do during quarantine if you get bored?The main disadvantage of an apartment is that it is relatively small. Especially if there is not much room for many residents in the apartment. In this case, a microscope is an excellent option. With a microscope, you know what to do at home during a quarantine. You can put a microscope on a desk or dinner table, and then put it away easily and quickly. It is better to choose a microscope that comes together with an experiment kit: this way, you will not have to buy any additional accessories and you will be able to conduct various scientific experiments. If you are new to microscopy research, we recommend that you buy the "Invisible World. Knowledge book". Never mind that it is oriented for kids: inside, you will find useful advice for anyone who is just beginning to study the micro world.

If you are lucky to have an apartment with a balcony, you have even more solutions to the problem of "What to do at home during a quarantine?". Consider buying a full-size telescope, through which you can observe the Moon, planets of the Solar system as well as deep-sky and terrestrial objects. The most compact and versatile are catadioptric telescopes. If you do not have lots of space, think about purchasing an inexpensive entry-level refractor.

By the way, you can choose a telescope even for an apartment without a balcony, but it should be a simpler model. There are tabletop telescopes that you can put on a table next to a window. They are suitable for observing the Moon, at a minimum. Check out these models: Levenhuk LabZZ D1 Telescope, Bresser National Geographic 114/500, and Bresser Messier 5" Dobsonian. Do not forget about additional educational material, such as "Space. Non-empty emptiness. Knowledge book".

For those who moved to a country house

If you own a country house, the question of "What to do at home during a quarantine?" should not bother you at all. The whole space is available for your exploration! On the one hand, the telescopes with a Dobsonian mount are rather large. On the other hand, however, they provide incredible opportunities for exploring the Universe. Especially if you choose a model with an objective diameter of 250mm and larger. It is better to observe out of town even through a regular telescope as there is less city light pollution and, therefore, you can see more.

If you are not that interested in observing space, then binoculars or a spotting scope will always come in handy in a country house. There are many entertaining things to observe even near your house: you can go birdwatching, observing landscapes, and more.

So, what to do at home during a quarantine, if you get bored? We say: explore space, the micro world, and the world all around you! If you have any questions, please contact our shop assistants: we are always ready to help.

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April 2020

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