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07/31/2017  The list of Levenhuk dealers is growing!

Three new dealers in USA

07/27/2017  The list of Levenhuk dealers is growing!

A new dealer you can by Levenhuk products from

07/19/2017  Levenhuk Sherman Pro 8x32 Binoculars Review at has reviewed our Levenhuk Sherman PRO 8x32 Binoculars

07/17/2017  Special offers section update

Get a brand-new knowledge book for free by purchasing Levenhuk Strike telescope

07/13/2017  Knowledge books by Levenhuk Press: detailed review

Colorful encyclopedias for children of primary and secondary school ages

07/10/2017  Meet two novel publications for children – "Space. Non-empty emptiness" and "Space. Microworld" knowledge books

Introducing our new knowledge books for children over 6 years old

07/05/2017  The Levenhuk DTX digital device lineup is updated – we are happy to present new items!

We bring to your attention new items in the Levenhuk DTX series: the Levenhuk DTX TV microscope and the Levenhuk DTX 43 magnifier

07/03/2017  Levenhuk announces new Levenhuk T PLUS digital cameras for telescopes

Digital cameras for amateur astrophotography

06/30/2017  The list of Levenhuk dealers is growing!

One more new dealer in the U.S.: Penny Lane Gifts

06/15/2017  Levenhuk Sweepstakes at – win a Levenhuk 2L Microscope now!

Participate in a special giveaway organized by Levenhuk and

06/09/2017  Levenhuk binoculars in the buying guides recommends Levenhuk binoculars in its ‘Best Binoculars for the Money’ and ‘Best Binoculars for Hunting’ guides

05/18/2017  Levenhuk 1ST Microscope – our new entry-level stereo microscope for home and work

New binocular stereo microscope is now available for purchase!

05/18/2017  Levenhuk introduces new laboratory microscope series – Levenhuk 700!

The series includes four new microscopes: 700M, 720B, 740T and D740T models

05/05/2017  Levenhuk continues to conquer new markets

New branch office in Malaysia opened April 2017

04/27/2017  Levenhuk continues its expansion in the Asian region

Welcome Thai Excite Store, our first dealer in Thailand

03/31/2017  The list of Levenhuk dealers is growing!

One more new dealer in the U.S.:

03/28/2017  New products are coming soon!

Levenhuk range of products will soon be replenished with hot new offerings!

03/27/2017  Levenhuk participates in the ''International Dark Sky Park'' celebration & star party

Two useful Levenhuk smartphone adapters given out to lucky astronomy workshop participants

03/03/2017  The list of Levenhuk dealers is growing!

One more new dealer in Canada: STEM Telescopes

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