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05/10/2018  An interesting new review on stereoscopic microscopes

Read the review and learn interesting facts about such microscopes

04/30/2018  The list of Levenhuk dealers is growing!

One more new dealer in the U.S.: Fry's Electronics

04/09/2018  Snowflake photo taken with Levenhuk DTX 500 LCD Digital Microscope

Learn more about Levenhuk optical equipment

04/04/2018  An interesting new review “What can you see with a telescope”

Read the review and watch photos of the celestial objects you can see during space observations

04/03/2018  New Levenhuk S series microscopes and a useful accessory for experienced microbiologists

Three new items already available on our website!

04/03/2018  Levenhuk Rainbow – new wide field eyepieces for microscopes

Levenhuk microscope eyepieces range expansion

04/02/2018  Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x – new wide field eyepiece for microscopes

Levenhuk microscope eyepieces range expansion

03/31/2018  The list of Levenhuk dealers is growing!

New dealers in the U.S.: Super Science Fair Projects, JZS Camera & Electronics and 17th Street Photo, Electronics, and Outdoors

03/29/2018  New Levenhuk Skyline Travel Telescope is already available!

A wonderful small lightweight refractor with a shortened tube

03/19/2018  A new useful review “Eye under a microscope: insects’ photo”

Find out how entertaining it is to study eyes for microbiologists

03/16/2018  An interesting new review “How does hair look like under a microscope?”

Learn how different hair types appear under high magnification

03/14/2018  A useful new review for beginner microbiologists on what a microscope consists of

Read about the parts of an optical microscope

03/12/2018  A new review for explorers of the micro world

Learn about proper observing of a spider under a microscope

03/09/2018  New review “Telescope design” on our website

Learn about different types of telescope optical designs and their features

03/07/2018  New review “How to use a telescope” for beginner astronomers

Find a helpful step-by-step guide on setting up a telescope for the first time

03/06/2018  Useful new review on history of a refracting telescope

Find a useful new review on how the optical scheme of a refractor has changed over the years

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