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Knowledge books by Levenhuk Press

Levenhuk is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality and affordable optical devices for adults and kids. We want our customers to know how to use our products wisely and correctly. The first acquaintance with a microscope or a telescope is a very important step, especially when it comes to kids and beginners. A successful first experience can enhance interest in the new hobby and can be the reason for further deep fascination with science. That's why we decided to release our own knowledge books, published by Levenhuk Press.

Invisible World. Knowledge book

With this colorful book you'll learn about plenty of amazing things that are impossible to see with the naked eye. The big journey to the microcosm begins with the 350 years old story of a truly remarkable person: the Dutch tradesman, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, who studied the invisible world with magnifying devices he made himself. These devices were the prototypes of modern microscopes, and with one of these devices Leeuwenhoek was able to observe bacteria - one of the tiniest creatures in the world.

After knowing Antonie van Leeuwenhoek's story, the reader will learn about different types of microscopes, their design and use. Then, the amazing voyage to the mystery of the microcosm begins! Reading this book and seeing its colorful illustrations, the young reader will learn about cell and plant structure, microorganisms that can pose a danger, and life in a drop of water. The book explains secret life in green ponds, night seas and so much more.

Each chapter of ''Invisible World. Knowledge book'' contains interesting text, colorful photos with captions and explanations, curious facts, and guidelines for home experiments.

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Space. Non-empty emptiness. Knowledge book

The colorful print edition dedicated to endless and mysterious space. The book begins with the story of the advent of telescopes and essential advancements in the development of the telescope.. Specific chapters describe optical, space, radio, and even ultraviolet telescopes. Of course, the Hubble Space Telescope is included- the famous telescope that helped to solve so many mysteries of close and deep space.

The chapter about design of the telescope will help children learn about all the details of the device. It also contains telescope usage rules, helpful hints for observations, and even special tricks used by professional astronomers.

Space. Non-empty emptiness. Knowledge book also has some fascinating content on space objects. The young reader will learn about our home, the Milky Way galaxy; the Solar system and its planets and satellites. Kids will also get to know a lot about the Sun and its role in the origin of life on Earth.

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Space. Microworld. Knowledge book (two-volume edition)

Space. Microworld. Knowledge book (two-volume edition) consists of two volumes described above. This set will introduce the young reader to both biology and astronomy. The colorful design and lively text make learning easy and fun; and the short curious facts aid in memorizing the fundamentals. These books are distinguished by an unusual design and high-quality printing. Both books are designed for children over 6 years old.

The knowledge books by Levenhuk Press are published in three different languages (English, Polish, and Czech) and are available for purchase in Europe and the USA

Invisible world. knowledge book is available in English, Polish and Czech Space. Non-empty emptiness. Knowledge book is available in English, Polish and Czech Space. Microworld. Knowledge book (two-volume edition) is available in English, Polish and Czech Space. Microworld. Knowledge book (two-volume edition) is available in English, Polish and Czech

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Other printed materials by Levenhuk Press

In addition to knowledge books, Levenhuk Press issues other printed materials related to space and the microworld to help adults and kids learn more about astronomy and biology. Here you can find star charts, colorful posters, an original growth chart, and astronomy and biology handbooks.

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