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How to entertain kids at home

how to entertain kids at home, how to entertain kids during quarantine, how to entertain a kid during quarantineToday, when people almost all over the world must self-isolate, many parents face a difficult question: "How to entertain kids at home during a quarantine?" While schoolkids are partially busy during the day learning online and doing homework, the younger kids demand constant attention. Meanwhile, parents who work from home are in an unfavorable situation: it is impossible to focus on tasks, kids are playing all throughout an apartment, and parents become stressed out. We offer a solution to this problem: these are ways of smart entertainment that enable you to take your mind off how to entertain kids during a quarantine.

For kids 3 to 5 years old

You can only leave a kid alone with toys that are safe to play with and that are easy-to-use. Therefore, a parent's choice is rather limited in this category. One of the options is a safe-to-use kid's magnifier with the plastic optics, for example Levenhuk LabZZ MG1 with Compass or Levenhuk LabZZ C1 Insect Can. Just give it to a kid and send them exploring the apartment in its diversity. We are sure that you can spend a couple of hours without worrying how to entertain a child during a quarantine.

For kids 5 to 7 years old

A kid of this age is much easier to entertain. There is a series of optical equipment designed especially for kids: Levenhuk LabZZ series. It contains optics for older kids as well. What should you pay attention to first?

  • Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 Astroplanetarium. An excellent option for becoming acquainted with astronomy. It is interesting and educational. Acquired knowledge will be helpful during astronomy school lessons. It shows what constellations and astronomy objects you can observe in different months and at certain time of the day.
  • Bresser National Geographic Solar System Exploration Set. This is a wonderful educational set for kids 6 years old and older, something in-between a coloring book and constructor. As a result, a kid will make a Solar system model.

For kids over 7 years old

If you are parents of schoolkids, check out kids' microscopes and kids' telescopes. These are not toys; they are real optical tools that can become a first step to a scientific hobby. Here are the most interesting smart entertainments for kids 7 years old and older in our product range:

If you have kids of different ages

There is no universal solution, but we offer two options. The first one is the Bresser National Geographic FM Walkie Talkie Set. It will be useful not only during a quarantine, but even after it is over. You can use it in an apartment, in the country house, and during walks around town. And, of course, we would like you to consider the above-mentioned astroplanetariums. They combine entertainment and education in one device.

If this article did not provide you with a comprehensive answer to "How to entertain kids at home?", feel free to contact our shop assistants. They will come up with an optimal solution to your situation. Our delivery workers will deliver all the products right to your apartment. Spend your self-isolating period in an interesting and practical way.

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April 2020

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