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All Levenhuk Telescope Cameras

Levenhuk digital camera for telescopes is an indispensable accessory for when you decide to venture into the amazing world of astrophotography. High-quality digital cameras, presented in our catalog, allow you to make magnificent photos of planets, distant galaxies, nebulae and other space objects. With these useful cameras you will be able to take slow shutter speed photos, create video clips and observe objects in real time on the PC screen.
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Levenhuk A10 Smartphone Adapter

Allows you to connect your smartphone to a telescope, microscope, binoculars and other optical instruments for photography

Levenhuk A10 Smartphone Adapter is a very useful accessory for everyone interested in astrophotography, or shooting wildlife or microcosm. The adapter allows you to install any smartphone model on your telescope, microsc...More
Levenhuk T130 NG Digital Camera description

May be used for astrophotography

Levenhuk T130 NG is an indispensable accessory for people who want to try their hand at astrophotography. This camera allows you to capture views of solar system planets and their satellites. More importantly, it is extr...More
Out of stock
Levenhuk T310 NG Digital Camera description

May be used for astrophotography

Levenhuk T310 NG is a modern digital camera that may be used with telescopes of any brand or optical design. It allows you to capture the serenity and stillness of cosmos, and the breathtaking beauty of celestial objects...More
Out of stock
Levenhuk T510 NG Digital Camera photo

May be used for astrophotography

Levenhuk T510 NG Digital Camera is a wonderful way not only to observe the celestial sphere but also to take pictures along the way. A 5-Mpx camera allows you to capture very sharp, clear images of celestial objects in h...More
Out of stock

Stargazing is one of the most inspirational hobbies, allowing the observer to enjoy the beauty of the wonders of an infinite Universe, such as planets, satellites, other deep-sky objects, constellations and more amazing things on the celestial sphere. These wonderful moments can never last long enough, and that’s where camera for astrophotography would be of a great help for the stargazer.

A digital astrophotography camera allows you to not only capture and save those precious moments, but it also lets you share them with other people and gives you wide opportunities for amplifying your creativity by editing received pictures and videos. Each Levenhuk telescope camera presented in this section already has everything you might need to do that – software, cables and detailed user guides – included in the kit, so you can start your astrophotography session right away regardless of your level and experience.