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Levenhuk 2x Barlow Lens

Achromatic. Magnification: 2x. Barrel diameter: 1.25"
  • Category: Accessory
  • Product ID: 50773
  • Country: PRC, controlled by Levenhuk, Inc. (USA)
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Shipping weight: 0.2 lb (0.08 kg)
  • Package size (LxWxH): 3.5×1.8×1.8 in (9×4.5×4.5 cm)
  • Discontinued
  The Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens will be an excellent choice for expanding any amateur astronomer optical accessories kit. It can be used with various eyepieces, so that you can double their magnification. The standard 1.25" barrel diameter makes the Barlow lens compatible with most modern telescopes.... more

The Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens will be an excellent choice for expanding any amateur astronomer optical accessories kit. It can be used with various eyepieces, so that you can double their magnification. The standard 1.25" barrel diameter makes the Barlow lens compatible with most modern telescopes.

 The achromatic optics reduce optical distortion, providing the higher quality of the transmitted image. The optics are made of fully multi-coated glass. The Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens features filter thread.


  • Achromatic Barlow lens
  • Doubles the magnification of the telescope
  • Fully multi-coated glass optics
  • Compatible with all 1.25'' barrel diameter telescopes
  • Light filter thread

 The kit includes:

  • Barlow lens
  • Protective caps – 2 pcs
Optical design achromatic (2 elements)
Optics material optical glass
Optics coating fully multi-coated
Magnification, x 2
Barrel diameter, " 1.25
Filter thread M28.5x0.6mm
Operating temperature range, °C −5… 35

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Levenhuk 2x Barlow Lens - Total: 25 Negative 0 Positive 25

Todd Kirk (2016-07-12 02:19): Positive
Does it suit Celestron AstroMaster 70 EQ model? Levenhuk Customer Service:
Yes, Levenhuk 2x Barlow Lens suits this telescope model.

Darius (2014-11-17 12:18): Positive
I would like to buy quality eyepieces and Barlow lenses. My telescope is levenhuk dob. I'd like to observe the Moon in detail, planets, galaxies. thanks. Also advise me please some good inexpensive solar filter. Levenhuk Customer Service:
1. We recommend that you consider Levenhuk Kellner 6.3 mm Eyepiece - 2. Unfortunately, suitable solar filter is currently not available in our product range.

James Goodson (2014-10-08 09:35): Positive
Good time of day, I want to ask a question. I have Sky-Watcher BK 1025 AZ3 and there are Super 25 and Super 10 eyepieces in the kit. Can I use them with Levenhuk 2x Barlow Lens? Won't the image be distorted? Thank you in advance. Levenhuk Customer Service:
Yes, the Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens can be used together with eyepieces included in the standard kit of your telescope.

John Marshburn (2014-09-19 06:35): Positive
Hello, is this lens suitable for Celestron Travel Scope 70? Is it any better than lenses that come in the kit with the scope? Levenhuk Customer Service:
Yes, the Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens is suitable for use with your telescope model.

Tyler Bryant (2014-09-14 01:53): Positive
Hi, is it ok to use this barlow + 6.3 eyepiece with MakVeber 90x1000? Levenhuk Customer Service:
We don't recommend using this combination of accessories with your telescope since the highest practical power of 180x will be exceeded. The best solution in your case is using eyepiece alone.

Austin (2014-05-22 10:10): Positive
I have 60x900 refractor and 8 and 20 eyepieces... is it reasonable to buy 2x Barlow lens? Thank you! Levenhuk Customer Service:
Using 2x Barlow Lens with these two eyepieces you will get around 90x and 225x magnification, i.e. your 8 mm eyepiece is enough.

audrey young (2014-05-05 01:13): Positive
Hi! I've observed Jupiter with my telescope, I saw the moons and two atmospheric bands! Will this thingy help me to see it even closer? Levenhuk Customer Service:
Resulting magnification depends on the specifications of your telescope, if objective lens diameter of your model is less than 60 mm, than yes.

mark klein (2014-05-03 11:07): Positive
Can I use 1.25" Orion 13% Transmission Moon Filter with this lens? Levenhuk Customer Service:
Yes, this filter fits Levenhuk 2x Barlow Lens perfectly.

Brian Goodman (2014-05-02 10:05): Positive
10 mm (100x) and 20 mm (50x) Levenhuk Customer Service:
You can use Levenhuk 2x Barlow Lens with your telescope but together with 10 mm eyepiece the highest practical power of your telescope model will be exceeded.

Brian Goodman (2014-05-02 03:44): Positive
Hello! Can I use it with my Celestron Astromaster 90eq? Levenhuk Customer Service:
It depends on which eyepiece you are planning to use together with Levenhuk 2x Barlow Lens and your telescope.

mark klein (2014-04-07 07:47): Positive
This lens does have filter thread, right? Levenhuk Customer Service:
There is no filter thread in the Levenhuk 2x model.

Eric (2014-03-16 10:21): Positive
I bought Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope, it comes with 2x Barlow and two eyepieces (10 and 25 mm). Is it advisable to purchase 3x BL for this telescope to get higher increase? Levenhuk Customer Service:
Using 10 mm and 2x Barlow Lens with Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ you will obtain the maximum useful magnification of 140x, there is no need in 3x Barlow lens.

Kathleen Dwayne (2014-03-09 07:55): Positive
is it suitable for a spotting scope? Levenhuk Customer Service:
Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens may be installed on a spotting scope with 1.25'' barrel diameter.

Sam (2014-02-28 04:59): Positive
Good day. I own the Celestron Advanced C8-SGT telescope. is it worth to buy 2x BL and 5mm eyepiece for the highest practical power? What else can you suggest? thanx Levenhuk Customer Service:
By using 5 mm eyepiece only you can already get the highest practical power (in your case it's 406x). With 2x BL+ 5mm eyepiece the magnification will be too high (812x) - you'll see almost nothing.

Tim Gibbs (2014-02-18 05:28): Positive
Hi! Please help me! I've got MAK80x1000 with 6.3mm eyepiece. Does it make any sense to install BL as well? Thanx Levenhuk Customer Service:
By using 6.3 mm eyepiece you get about 159x magnification, which is almost the highest practical power of your telescope. Due to this using Barlow lens is not reasonable.

GIilbert Holloway (2014-02-10 11:17): Positive
Hi! does this lens fit Levenhuk Ra 200N Dob model + Levenhuk Zoom 7-21 mm Eyepiece? Levenhuk Customer Service:
Yes. Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens is suitable for Levenhuk Ra 200N Dob Telescope.

Jared Park (2014-01-20 06:53): Positive
Which eyepiece is better for MEADE NG70-SM telescope, 6 mm or 4 mm? with no quality loss Levenhuk Customer Service:
The highest practical power is D*2 (D-is the objective lens diameter). For your telescope it's 140x. To understand what magnification you will get with a particular eyepiece you should divide the focal length of your telescope (in your case it's 700mm) by the focal length of the eyepiece (so you get 116x for 6 mm and 175x for 4 mm). So the image won't be sharp when using 4 mm eyepiece. For your telescope the minimum acceptable focal length of an eyepiece is 5 mm. Consider Levenhuk Ra LER 5 mm Eyepiece:

Todd Patton (2014-01-20 12:33): Positive
Hi! What's better 2x BL 2x with 9mm eyepiece or just 4 or 6 mm eyepieces? Levenhuk Customer Service:
It's always better to use eyepiece alone, without Barlow lens, the image is cleaner and brighter this way.

Jared Park (2014-01-17 08:47): Positive
Hi! I wonder if Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens magnifies the picture twofold. Levenhuk Customer Service:
Yes, that's correct. Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens doubles the magnification of an eyepiece.

Adrian Saunders (2014-01-17 03:55): Positive
Hi I have MEADE NG70-SM telescope (AZ refractor). Does it need this lens? Is it more helpful than the one in the kit? Levenhuk Customer Service:
To get higher magnification we recommend you to use the Levenhuk Ra LER 6 mm 1.25" eyepiece: instead of a Barlow lens.

Jared Park (2014-01-15 02:41): Positive
Hello, is there any difference in image quality when using 2x Barlow lens? Levenhuk Customer Service:
There may be a little loss of quality when using 2x Barlow lens.

Todd Patton (2014-01-11 06:35): Positive
Does it fit Meade NG-70 telescope? Levenhuk Customer Service:
Yes, Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens fits this telescope.

Bradley (2014-01-02 03:01): Positive
Please tell me what's more suitable for the Levenhuk Skyline 90x900 EQ model: this lens + eyepieces from the kit (10mm and 25 mm) or an extra 5mm eyepiece (without any BL)? To get the highest practical power of 180x? Thanx Levenhuk Customer Service:
The eyepiece always provides image of higher quality than the combination of eyepiece and Barlow lens.

Evelyn (2013-12-14 07:25): Positive
is it suitable for the levenhuk 2LNG microscope? Levenhuk Customer Service:
No, Levenhuk 2x Barlow lens is designed to be used with telescopes.

Kelly Foreman (2013-06-22 02:08): Positive
Is it ok for Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ with Celestron Omni 9 mm eyepiece, 1.25" or Sky-Watcher Plossl PL 7.5 mm eyepiece? One specialist said that max magnification of telescope is calculated like: lens diameter multiplied by 2. Is this true? Why the max useful magnification of my telescope is 269x on the website? please help me, i'm counting on you. Levenhuk Customer Service:
Both eyepieces are suitable. The maximum magnification usually is calculated by this formula: D*2, where D is the objective lens diameter. Some manufacturers sometimes overestimate this parameter.

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