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Beginner-level telescopes are available with various sets of astronomy accessories and can be operated manually or by using computerized mounts. You can start using a telescope right out of the box after setting it up and aligning it properly. Refracting and reflecting telescopes are normally the best choice for beginners.
Kids telescopes are great for young astronomers as they are easy to assemble, do not require much maintenance, and come with a great variety of add-ons to help you with your first steps in stargazing. Astronomer’s handbook, 3D planetarium software, space posters, star chart, and more. will come in handy while studying the night sky. Refracting telescope would be the best choice for kids.
Telescopes for enthusiasts include a wide range of Maksutov-Cassegrains and reflecting telescopes with equatorial and GoTo mounts. Designed for demanding stargazers these telescopes come with several high-quality eyepieces to ensure bright views of planets and deep-sky objects.
Telescopes for experts include our finest RA series doublet and triplet apochromatic refractor OTAs made of ED glass that yield crisp and clear views of the night sky and are perfect for astrophotography.