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Special deal on Telescopes

Get a "See it all!" Astronomer's Handbook ($24.95 value) and Levenhuk Space Posters Set ($29.95 value) absolutely FREE with any purchase of Levenhuk telescopes (except Levenhuk Strike series telescopes, Levenhuk LabZZ series telescopes, Levenhuk RA series telescopes, Levenhuk Skyline 50x600 and 60x700 AZ telescopes). Stargazing has never been more fun!

"See it all!" Astronomer's Handbook contains information on many aspects of astronomy, such as introduction to astronomy and celestial observations, telescopes and their design, detailed information about the celestial sphere itself, 280 objects for observations, the solar system planets and their satellites, deep-sky nebulae, star clusters, some useful commentaries and images. All information is easy to read and logically constructed. The book has colorful illustrations and is perfectly suited for children.

Levenhuk Space Posters Set contains 3 posters: Moon, Solar System, Sun and Other Stars. All posters provide additional information and historical or scientific facts.

The offer is good for any telescope series below:
Levenhuk Skyline PRO Telescopes
Levenhuk Skyline Telescopes (except 50x600 AZ and 60x700 AZ models)
Levenhuk SkyMatic Telescopes

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Hurry, this special offer expires November 07, 2017.

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