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Share your ideas with Levenhuk!

Explore the universe with Levenhuk and submit your ideas, impressions and observations for further consideration by our team of enthusiasts!

We’ll be happy to unveil this information to other members of the Levenhuk community and give everyone a chance to learn more about mysteries of the world around us.

Here you can share indispensable tips about the microcosm and microscopes to observe it with, astrophotography and telescopes suitable for this purpose, binoculars and spotting scopes for birding, and a lot more.

You are welcome to submit all kinds of instructions, for example, how to observe nebulae or how to prepare a slide for staining, as well as your own photos and videos.

Once submitted, the provided information will be reviewed by the Levenhuk team and may be published on this website or in Levenhuk social media only if deemed suitable to share with our community. Your personal information will not be disclosed unless you want to go public and inform us about that in written form.

Please note that you should not submit any copyright content including texts, images, or videos. If you feel like the copyright object is too valuable to omit, your submission should include a direct link to it.

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