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Levenhuk D2L NG Digital Microscope Review

Modern microscopes are wonderful instruments that allow you to see the world around you the way you've never seen it before. Microcosms have always fascinated me and I've been thinking about purchasing a microscope for a while, before finally making up my mind on the Levenhuk D2L NG Microscope, a good and reliable instrument.

The standard kit includes all the necessary things:

  • The microscope itself
  • The monocular head with three objective lenses (4x, 10x, 40x)
  • A 16x eyepiece
  • A mirror
  • A Levenhuk D2L camera and a USB cable
  • An AC adapter
  • There's also a manual and a warranty slip in the box

Taking Photos and Shooting Videos

One of the main reasons I chose this model was the fact that you can capture images of your views or even shoot videos, and I always wanted to try my hand at microphotography. You can connect your microscope to a computer with a USB cable that is included in the kit, and save any images or videos you have taken to your PC. After that, you can edit your images with whatever software you have. You can even use your monitor to observe the specimens. This is far more comfortable than looking through the eyepiece, especially if you are nearsighted like me, and your eyes tire quickly when observing through the eyepiece.

An Amazing Camera

This model has a very good 0.3-megapixel camera Levenhuk D2L, with maximum image resolution of 640x480. Its 1/4" CMOS sensor yields high-quality images with true colors, which you can easily save in one of many formats, be it .bmp, .jpeg or .jpg, and even some other formats that I have never heard of. There’s even photo-editing software included in the kit, which was perfectly compatible with my Windows Vista, but it works with any Windows OS, starting from Win2000.

Levenhuk D2L NG Digital Microscope Levenhuk D2L NG Digital Microscope Levenhuk D2L NG Digital Microscope Levenhuk D2L NG Digital Microscope Levenhuk D2L NG Digital Microscope

A Very Practical Stage

The square stage is 90 mm x 90 mm and can be moved smoothly within a 15 mm range, so you can easily study your specimens from different angles.

Powerful Optics

For anyone who knows at least a bit about optics, including your humble servant, it is plain to see that Levenhuk D2L NG has high-quality optics. Thanks to the three objective lenses on the revolving nosepiece, you can easily switch from 64x to 640x magnification in just one click, without any problems. I'm used to setting the exposure on my camera manually, but the automatic mode is there, and it's very good. I'm using this model as a USB-microscope, basically. The USB 2.0 interface allows me to perform all the studies or observations on my PC monitor, without any lags, so even fast-moving specimens, like live blood samples, are seen as is.

Overall, I Am Very Pleased With My New Microscope

To sum it up, if you want to study coins or watch mechanisms, tissue or small insects, Levenhuk D2L NG is a perfect tool for any of these tasks. My son is a biochem student in our university and we constantly have to fight over who gets to use my microscope (that's right, I said it, my microscope). I think I'd better buy him another one soon. The camera works outstandingly well and the images I take are so captivating that I'm thinking about making microphotography my new thing. Well, stay tuned for pictures!