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Levenhuk telescope basics

This short note will be especially helpful to those not familiar with Levenhuk and Levenhuk optical products. If you are going to purchase a telescope, first you will want to learn more about the different brands, compare them, and then make a decision. From this article you will learn answers to the most frequent questions that come to a buyer's head when introduced to a new telescope brand. Read this article if you've never heard of Levenhuk telescopes before.

Are Levenhuk telescopes good?

Well, that's the most straightforward and probably the most important question to answer. What you really want to know by asking this question is probably 'Are Levenhuk telescopes a good purchase?' We try to make our telescopes as high quality and affordable as possible. Judging by the reviews and customer feedback we receive, we are doing a pretty good job. You can find a lot of Levenhuk reviews published in the media and online in the 'Good to Know' section of our website. That section, by the way, also includes a lot of general information on all kinds of observations, which is especially useful for beginners. If you don't trust professional reviewers, you can always check customers' comments under the 'Reviews' tab on the product description pages. We use Shopper Approved software to make sure that every review is genuine and was left by a verified customer.

Of course, a purchase sometimes doesn't meet expectations. Mostly that happens when an instrument's user level isn't the same as a customer's experience. For example, when a beginner buys a professional telescope, it will probably lead to a lot of frustration on the customer's part. This is why it's so important to clearly understand your level of skill and knowledge and choose a suitable instrument. Levenhuk offers a wide choice of telescopes designed for all purposes and age groups. There are a lot of options: here you can find simple models for beginners and kids, as well as sophisticated models for experienced users and professionals. Use the convenient filters in our catalog to find all telescope models that suit your level.

You probably already know that telescopes may be used for many more purposes than just common stargazing. So what are Levenhuk telescopes good for? Among the wide range of Levenhuk telescopes you can find models suitable not only for planetary observations, but for terrestrial viewing, deep-sky observation and astrophotography as well. But no matter what your purpose is, you can be sure that Levenhuk uses only the best quality materials and modern technologies to create Levenhuk telescopes.

Where are Levenhuk telescopes made?

Now you probably wonder 'Where are Levenhuk telescopes made?'. As most of the products on the present-day market, Levenhuk devices are made in China. But don't jump to the wrong conclusions just yet! Many people used to believe that 'made in China' automatically meant low quality. But this stereotype lost its relevance years ago. Lots and lots of trusted companies nowadays have manufacturing facilities in China, because this is what the world economy dictates. What is really important is that Levenhuk creates the initial concept of the instruments, carefully chooses materials and meticulously controls the manufacturing process from the very beginning to the resulting product. That's why Levenhuk confidently offers a lifetime warranty on all its products.

Who makes Levenhuk telescopes?

It's a common situation when the brand owner and manufacturing company are two different entities. So who really makes Levenhuk telescopes? Everything is absolutely clear here - Levenhuk telescopes are made by Levenhuk, Inc., the company that owns the Levenhuk brand.

Levenhuk, Inc. is currently one of the largest manufactures of optical equipment. Besides telescopes, it produces microscopes, binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes, and optical accessories. The company's head office is located in the United States (Tampa). Levenhuk is an international company, so you can also find local offices and authorized dealers in Canada and lots of countries in Europe and Asia. For the full impression of Levenhuk's presence, go here.

Levenhuk was founded in 2002, with the main goal of making optics affordable to every customer and popularizing interest in science, Levenhuk has achieved its goal of entering and then gaining leading positions in new markets of Canada and Central and Eastern Europe. Levenhuk keeps expanding with every year and is currently well-known all over the world.

We hope that now you know who makes Levenhuk telescopes and where they are made, but if you need more information about Levenhuk, its history, and products, you can easily find it at Levenhuk official website.