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NEW: Discovery Crafts magnifiers are available now!


Dear customers,

We are pleased to introduce the new series of Discovery Crafts magnifiers. The models of the series will suit everyone who needs an optical tool for professional purposes or for crafting hobbies. All of the magnifiers are designed for precision work, many have illumination, and some offer mount options: a textile headband or an eyeglass frame. More than 10 models are already in stock!

Magnifying glasses

The eyeglass frame is an extremely comfortable way to mount the magnifier to your head. Such a magnifier is worn as the regular eyeglasses, and it does not occupy your hands when working. Discovery Crafts magnifiers provide high magnification, have interchangeable lenses (some models), and are also equipped with illumination for working in total darkness (except DGL 10). Several models are equipped with textile headbands, which can be used instead of the eyeglass frames.

Head magnifiers with combinable lenses

The main characteristic of these models is the option to combine lenses. Therefore, you can precisely adjust the magnification according to different tasks. Magnifiers are equipped with illumination, additional lenses, and a size-adjustable headband.

Magnifiers with rechargeable illumination

The models with a rechargeable battery are useful for those who must continuously use the illumination. Firstly, its brightness is adjustable, which contributes to the right illumination of the work area. Secondly, you can recharge the battery via the USB cable, and you do not need any batteries at all. Magnifiers come with interchangeable lenses that can be combined with each other.

Neck magnifiers for handicraft

Other new products include two models of magnifiers for handicrafts. These are bifocal magnifiers that provide two magnifications (smaller with a large diameter lens and larger with a small diameter lens). They are equipped with illumination and complemented with a lanyard. The DNK 20 model has a stand.

All magnifiers of the series come in colorful branded boxes.

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