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Levenhuk.comNews → New items in the Levenhuk LabZZ series: remote controlled astroplanetariums

New items in the Levenhuk LabZZ series: remote controlled astroplanetariums


Dear visitors and customers!

Levenhuk is happy to announce several interesting new items from the Levenhuk LabZZ children's optics series. They will impress not only children but also adult space enthusiasts. These astroplanetariums are space projectors, so you can admire the views of the starry sky without leaving the room. Great for creating a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation or a unique starry background setup for photos and videos. All devices are equipped with laser and LED projectors.

LabZZ SP20 is a compact astroplanetarium with a remote control. It displays colorful projections of the stars and nebulae. You can control the brightness and motion of celestial bodies from anywhere in the room. Therefore, you can choose the optimal settings for any situation. The model is available in two colors:

LabZZ SP30 is a more advanced model of astroplanetarium that will decorate your home interior and immediately stand out due to its stylish design. Other than the stars, the device can show the Moon and the Northern lights. The main advantage of this planetarium is multimedia options: the device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and plays music using the built-in speaker. It also has a voice control option. Two colors available to choose from:

All Levenhuk devices carry a lifetime warranty.

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