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Levenhuk.comNews → Introducing our new Discovery series microscopes: Nano, Pico, Femto, and Atto!

Introducing our new Discovery series microscopes: Nano, Pico, Femto, and Atto!


Dear customers,

New Discovery microscopes are now available for studying microscope slides, life in a drop of water, and various biological specimens. On top of that, you can conduct many of the experiments yourself! The microscopes are great for getting to know the microbial world for the first time, reliably assisting studies and developing an interest in a fascinating scientific hobby. Every microscope comes with an insightful book entitled "The Invisible World".

Discovery Nano microscopes

Even though these microscopes are classified as school microscopes, they have achromatic optics that create clear and contrast images. Magnifications of 40x—400x are good enough for basic observations of the microcosm. It enables the visualization of insect and plant cell structure and some of the smallest things yet to be seen. The microscopes come equipped with dual LED illumination and battery power, making them perfect for places far from home: such as the countryside, a park, or a reservoir. This series of microscopes includes three classic LED microscopes and a digital 0.3Mpx camera that is capable of taking pictures and recording videos in 640x480 pixel resolution.

Discovery Pico microscopes

This series is tailored to the same kind of observations as the Discovery Nano, but it gives users access to finer tuning options and more detailed and clearer specimen images. It is recommended for students. The microscopes’ advantages over the Discovery Nano include the following: the rotating head can be turned, brightness adjustment, fine focusing, and battery and plug-in powered. The rest of the features are the same: achromatic optics and magnification of 40x to 400x. The series includes three LED microscopes that come with different body colors and a digital 1.3Mpx camera for pictures and video recordings in 1280x1024 pixel resolution.

Discovery Femto microscopes

Microscopes for beginning researchers and those who want to study college or high school level biology in depth. The eyepiece tube is inclined at 45° for optimal comfort when operating for long periods of time. The microscopes come with achromatic optics installed, offering magnification of 40x—400x. Dual LED illumination and brightness adjustment are included. Battery or plug-in power supply. The devices have coarse and fine focusing options. A classic model and microscope with 3Mpx camera are presented in this series (picture and video recording in 2048x1536 pixel resolution).

Discovery Atto microscopes

This microscope series is intended for demanding users, serious researchers, and those who require extensive functionality. Achromatic optics offer magnification of 40x—1000x and support the immersion oil technique. Dual LED illumination and brightness adjustment are included. Battery or plug-in power supply. The microscopes come equipped with a mechanical stage in place of the traditional stage with clips set-up. In addition, the disc diaphragm is replaced with an Abbe condenser with an iris diaphragm and filter holder. The kit also has an eyepiece with a center field pointer. The series’ digital model comes with a 5Mpx camera with 2592x1944 pixel resolution.

All Discovery microscopes are packaged in brightly-colored, attractive boxes with the brand name, making them the perfect gift.

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