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Levenhuk.comNews → New Levenhuk telescopes, compass and spotting scope are available to buy

New Levenhuk telescopes, compass and spotting scope are available to buy


Dear customers!

We are thrilled to present our new series of Levenhuk Skyline Travel telescopes.

The series includes two models: Levenhuk Skyline Travel 50 Telescope and Levenhuk Skyline Travel 70 Telescope, and are best for night sky observations far away from city lights. These compact and lightweight telescopes come with a backpack large enough for everything you need for observation: the optical tube, tripod, mount and accessories, so that you can always take your telescope anywhere you go.

Learn more about Levenhuk telescopes by checking this catalogue page.

Another valuable addition to our range of products – the stylish Levenhuk Spyglass SG2 Spotting Scope. This retractable designer model is made of brass and is covered with leather; it replicates spotting scopes of past centuries. And it’s not just a beautiful thing; it is a great optical instrument. With the coated optics made of BK-7 glass, 12x magnification and high light-gathering power, the device yields sharp and detailed images without aberrations.

The full range of spotting scopes can be found on this page.

We would also like to present a new addition to our accessories collection - Levenhuk DC65 Compass. This classic model with two scale bars, floating dial and built-in illumination allows using the compass in darkness. Those who value classic and reliable gear will value this compass highly.

Find other accessories by checking this page.

We hope you will like these new products as much as we do, since we always strive to expand our product range by adding only best quality products.

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