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Levenhuk.comNews → Video reviews of brand new Levenhuk Rainbow 2L and 2L PLUS Microscopes and new digital models

Video reviews of brand new Levenhuk Rainbow 2L and 2L PLUS Microscopes and new digital models


Dear visitors!

As promised in the announcement of Levenhuk Rainbow 50L and 50L PLUS microscopes video reviews, today we are happy to inform you about new videos on Levenhuk Rainbow 2L and 2L PLUS Microscopes.

Levenhuk Rainbow 2L NG color microscopes have always been very popular among our customers and we have managed to make them even better! Please meet new Levenhuk Rainbow 2L and 2L PLUS microscopes – as you can see, now you have even more options to choose from! Watch our video reviews to find out what the differences are between 2L and 2L PLUS models and how new microscopes differ from old 2L NG microscopes:

Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscopes -
Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Microscopes -

When watching the videos, take note of the microscope colors – they now come in even brighter colors and even more stylish boxes. Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit now also comes with all microscopes, no matter which series you choose – Levenhuk Rainbow 2L or 2L PLUS.

But that’s not all the videos for today. As you probably know, the new microscope series includes digital models – Levenhuk Rainbow D2L Moonstone and Levenhuk Rainbow D50L PLUS Moonstone. Watch our video reviews to see these microscopes in action:

Levenhuk Rainbow D2L Moonstone Microscope -
Levenhuk Rainbow D50L PLUS Moonstone Microscope -

After watching these videos you will not only know what microscopes look like and how to operate them, but also what kind of images you can expect to see on your PC or laptop screen. Both models come with Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit, so you can start observing right away!

We hope you will love our new Rainbow Microscopes. Enjoy the microcosm in bright colors with Levenhuk!

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