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New binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes are available to buy


Dear customers!

Today we are happy to introduce several brand new product lines: Levenhuk Karma and Sherman binoculars, Levenhuk Wise PLUS monoculars, and Levenhuk Blaze PLUS spotting scopes.

Levenhuk Karma are compact roof prism binoculars that feature multi-coated and fully multi-coated optics. Levenhuk Sherman are classic Porro prism field binoculars with multi-coated and fully multi-coated optics. Both product families include three series, which vary by construction features and specifications. So actually we now have six new binoculars series: Karma, Karma PLUS, Karma PRO, Sherman, Sherman PLUS and Sherman PRO. Karma and Sherman are entry-level binoculars, while PLUS and PRO models are more advanced. With these valuable additions the Levenhuk binoculars product range is even wider–giving you the richest choice of quality binoculars to select from.

To make this choice easier for you, let’s find out what the main differences are among the series inside each of the product families.

In the Karma family, Karma PLUS binoculars are distinguished by waterproof shells and improved optics: the eyepieces in this series consist of three elements. Models in the Karma PRO series feature even better optics – their four-element eyepieces and full multilayer coating ensure outstanding image quality. All Karma models are compact, lightweight, stylish, and easy and comfortable to use.

All models in the Sherman binoculars product line are waterproof. Models in the Sherman PLUS series differ from basic Sherman binoculars by four-element eyepieces and a wider field of view. Sherman PRO binoculars take you even further: they are equipped with five-element eyepieces and feature fully multi-coated optics providing unsurpassed image quality. All Sherman binoculars are sturdy and reliable instruments for active, adventuresome people.

And of course, when choosing a pair of new binoculars, you should also take their appearance into consideration. Browsing through our catalog, you can see that the new models look different; the new Karma and Sherman binoculars have something special for everyone! Now that Sherman and Karma models are available to buy, you can try them out yourself!

Moving forward to even more compact and portable observing instruments – monoculars. Levenhuk Wise PLUS series is a logical continuation of the popular Levenhuk Wise monocular series. Monoculars in the Wise PLUS series have got even better: the shells are now completely waterproof and shockproof, and the optics are coated with a full multilayer coating. These new monoculars feature everything we love about Wise monoculars, plus additional reliability and comfort of use.

If you prefer more powerful instruments for your terrestrial observations, we have great news for you too! The popular Levenhuk Blaze series of reliable waterproof spotting scopes has been extended with three new models. If you want something brand new, then you should totally check out the new advanced Levenhuk Blaze PLUS spotting scopes. These spotting scopes come with removable metal eyepieces, and feature shockproof bodies.

As you can see, there is a large variety of new products to explore and choose from. We know you will love these brand new product lines from Levenhuk!

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