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1What will be the microscope’s area of application?

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  • Kid's Education
  • Hobby
  • School Research
  • Lab Research
  • Industrial
Microscopes for kids are available in several amazing bright colors and come with an experiment kit that includes a whole set of items such as prepared slides so you can start exploring microcosm right out of the box. Also included is a colorful guide to microscopy that will be an indispensable tool for observations.
Hobbyist microscopes include a wide range of compound and stereo microscopes with various sets of accessories. Digital microscopes are also very popular among hobbyists as you can easily take pictures of observed objects and share them with your friends. Using a microscope makes a great hobby on its own, but you can also make it a part of your existing hobby. For instance, if you are collecting stamps, rocks, or coins, a stereo microscope is sure to become a perfect add-on to your hobby.
Microscopes for students are available for different user levels and will be a great aid in your studies of the microcosm. These include some intermediate level microscopes as well as high-quality optical instruments ideal for biological research. Both high school and university students will enjoy these highly reliable compound microscopes.
>Microscopes for lab research are ideal for clinical applications and are best for viewing bacteria and blood cells. Microscopes with binocular and trinocular viewing heads are available for comfortable observations so that another person can use it simultaneously or with a digital camera. The wide range of magnifications offered by these microscopes is ideal for researchers and scientists who love to proceed from simple to complex projects.
Industrial microscopes are well represented by advanced Levenhuk stereo microscopes, which provide a crisp and clear three-dimensional perspective of opaque objects. These reliable binocular microscopes with a long working distance are perfect for viewing both small and considerably large non-transparent specimens. If you deal with jewelry, watchmaking, microsurgery, circuit board inspection and manufacturing or the like, you will be using these microscopes on a regular basis.