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All Levenhuk LabZZ Optics for Kids

  • optics kits
  • An excellent kit for exploration of the world. Consists of a refractor telescope and an easy-to-use biological microscope. The kit includes a set for experiments with the microscope.
  • Universal kit for exploring the world around us. Includes a refractor telescope, simple biological microscope, and pocket binoculars. The package includes an experiment kit, as well as a full-size tripod and carrying case for binoculars.
  • telescopes
  • Compact entry-level telescopes designed specifically for children and adolescents. The series includes three models with magnifications of 83x, 100x and 175x. The telescopes are equipped with eyepieces and finderscopes. An ideal introduction to the cosmos.
  • microscopes
  • Entry-level biological microscopes for children. The series includes three models with up to 300x, 900x, and 1200x magnification. Built-in mirror and LED illumination (runs on batteries). Each model comes with an experiment kit, prepared slides, and instruments for microscopic work. The series includes a model with an eyepiece projector.
  • A unique series of color microscopes for children. Stylish translucent bodies of an unusual shape, bright colors, magnification up to 640x; LED illumination. Each model comes with an experiment kit.
  • exploration tools
  • Original insect can with 3x and 6x magnification. You can place inside any bug, spider, or butterfly you want to see in detail. It can also be filled with water in order to observe sea creatures – small fish or tadpoles.
  • Compact and lightweight children's binoculars with 6x magnification. The lenses are made of quality optical glass with special anti-reflective coating. Comes with a pouch and strap.
  • books and educational materials
  • Bright and informative astronomy- and biology-related publications for kids and teenagers. Levenhuk books are written in a clear and lively style and are lavishly illustrated. All books and materials feature the finest printing and binding.
  • Illustrative supporting materials on astronomy. Include astronomy-themed posters and growth charts as well as rotating star charts used for planning your astronomical observations and learning the sky.