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Holiday Gift Solutions

With Levenhuk Holiday Gift Solutions you no longer need to spend much time searching for gifts for your loved ones in various different stores. After examining our customers’ needs, we have created special gift sets that include the best presents for your family and friends for any occasion. Levenhuk Holiday Gift Solutions allow you to not only buy presents for everyone in one place and in just a couple of clicks, but also save up to 20% on the best Levenhuk products.

For Little Explorer

Set Description

Levenhuk 3L NG Microscope
  • Two built-in LED illuminations allow observing non-transparent objects in transmitted and reflected light.
  • Reliable performance: body and elements are made of metal (silumin), not plastic.
  • High image quality: eyepieces, objectives and all other optical elements are multi-coated and highly transparent.
  • Focusing mechanism and stage move smoothly, without jerks or backlash.
  • Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit included

Levenhuk Strike 50 NG Telescope

Levenhuk Strike 50 NG is a wonderful telescope for kids, perfect for observations of constellations, lunar craters, sunspots, atmospheric flows of Jupiter and its four largest moons, phases of Venus, rings of Saturn, and binary stars with a separation of 2.5 arcseconds between their components; and all this you get straight from the box.

Gifts For Grandparents

Set Description

Levenhuk Vegas 10x42 Binoculars

Levenhuk Vegas 10x42 Binoculars, with their 10x magnification, are a perfect tool for hunting or field observations. The 10x magnification is the strongest magnification for handheld observations; therefore, you do not need to carry a tripod, yet you can still see everything in tiniest detail. You can use these binoculars for daytime observations only, since at dusk the views are not as sharp.

Levenhuk Zeno 500 LED Magnifier, 3.5x, 56 mm, Metal

Levenhuk Zeno 500 LED Magnifier is a compact and practical magnifier that will come in handy for many things, be it reading a newspaper or studying elaborate engravings, observing insects or doing needlework.