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Levenhuk Gift eCertificates Shop

Having trouble deciding which item to choose as a gift?

Here is a perfect solution – get a Levenhuk Gift eCertificate!

Gift eCertificates of different values are available so you can select the one that suits you best! Give it to a loved one or keep it for future purchases!

Simply choose a Gift eCertificate from the drop-down list below:

Levenhuk Gift eCertificates Guidelines

  • Once purchased, a personalized Gift eCertificate will be emailed to the recipient with your name and personal message.
  • There is no expiration date – use your Gift eCertificate for any future purchase with Levenhuk.
  • All Gift eCertificate values are in US dollars.
  • There is no tax or shipping charge on Gift eCertificate orders.
  • No discounts may be applied to purchases of Gift eCertificates.
  • Gift eCertificate value cannot be combined with any promotional or discount code values.
  • Gift eCertificates are not redeemable for cash.
  • Gift eCertificates are only redeemable online at
  • Any remaining certificate balance cannot be used for future purchases.
  • If a Gift eCertificate is misplaced, please contact Levenhuk Customer Service at (813) 468-3001 or email us for assistance. We will be happy to re-send your Gift eCertificate code as soon as you notify us.