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Company Mission

Our mission is to give people access to high-quality optical instruments for learning their environment, the microcosm and the macrocosm, which in turn would lead to expansion of their knowledge and further development of science.


The international and Russian optical instruments market is constantly growing. In this competitive environment, our long-term objectives are to establish a strong presence in the market and to create additional company value for our shareholders. This includes improving our brand image, expanding further into Western Europe and the United States, and developing our own R&D and production structures.

Our current goals are to increase the sales volume in the growing Russian market of optical instruments.

Levenhuk short-term objectives are further expansion into Russian cities with high family incomes and populations over 500,000. At the same time, we are also working on extending the Levenhuk product range, and expanding our geography and dealer network.

The company's long-term objectives are attaining control over key elements of optical instrument production, transportation and distribution structures, and establishing and expanding our own production.

Our mid-term objectives:




By achieving these objectives, Levenhuk will not only strengthen its leading positions in Russia, but also successfully expand into European and American markets, reaching new heights of financial success.