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Promotion Materials for Levenhuk Partners

Hi! If you are here, you are likely one of our partners. We've made this collection of banners for your website so that you don't have to do it. Attract your audience and earn more by simply copying one of the banners below and pasting it to any part of your website.

It is highly recommended that you place a banner in the first window of your website. This location seems to attract more visitors than any other.

Apart from banners, we also provide you with Levenhuk logo in various formats, images of popular Levenhuk products, as well as helpful training materials for your successful promotion of Levenhuk equipment. The section will be periodically updated with new materials.

Select promotion materials:

  1. Banners with transparent backgrounds

  2. Banners with white backgrounds

  3. Levenhuk Holiday Season and Promo Banners

  4. Levenhuk Logos

  5. High-resolution images of Levenhuk LabZZ M101 color microscopes

  6. High-resolution images of Levenhuk Rainbow color microscopes

  7. High-resolution images of Levenhuk Rainbow color binoculars

  8. High-resolution images of Levenhuk Broadway binoculars

  9. Levenhuk promotion training materials

Ermenrich promotion materials:

  1. Ermenrich banners

Dealer data feeds:

  1. Dealer data feeds (CSV/XLS): product descriptions, images, prices, etc.

  2. Bestsellers: Levenhuk

If none of the files provided fit your requirements, please contact us; we can discuss the design of promotional materials for your specific website.