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Levenhuk Strike PRO Telescopes

This series, with its very advanced kit, was created specifically for professional astronomers. While very compact and lightweight, the Levenhuk Strike Pro is made to the highest quality standards, and yields astonishing views of the universe. Thanks to the size of these models, you can easily bring them with you when traveling so you will always be ready for stargazing wherever you find yourself.

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Levenhuk Strike PRO – a great choice for aspiring astronomers

Levenhuk Strike PRO models are more advanced as compared to Levenhuk Strike NG and Strike PLUS telescopes and offer more opportunities, but are still quite easy to use even for non-professional observers. In the series you can find telescopes of more sophisticated Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design, which combines advantages of both refracting and reflecting telescope types. These telescopes are quite compact and allow for quality observations of Solar System planets and deep-sky objects.

The trademark rich kit of Levenhuk Strike is taken even further with Levenhuk Strike PRO telescopes. In addition to eyepieces, Barlow lens, printed materials, compass and telescope case, in the kit of each Levenhuk Strike PRO telescope you will also find a comprehensive set of optical filters, including color filters and solar and lunar filters. Such a set ensures the best possible experience during observations of celestial objects.