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Telescopes on Dobsonian Mounts

Dobsonian mount is shaped like a box and is often installed on the ground without a tripod. These mounts are reliable, easy to assemble and control. Dobsonian telescopes are also easy to transport, which makes them great for suburban stargazing. Dobsonian mounts are incredibly hardy and able to work with the giant Newtonian reflectors. Simple design and affordable price make Dobsonian telescopes very popular among amateur astronomers.

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Levenhuk LabZZ D1 Telescope

Newtonian telescope. Primary mirror diameter: 76 mm. Focal length: 300 mm

Levenhuk LabZZ D1 Telescope is a compact Newtonian reflector on a Dobsonian mount. With this model, you can study the details of the lunar surface, the Solar system planets and even bright deep space ...More
Levenhuk Ra 200N Dobson Telescope

Newtonian telescope with a built-in primary mirror cooling fan. Aperture: 200mm. Focal length: 1200mm

The Levenhuk Ra 200N Dobson telescope is a 200mm Newtonian reflector for observing deep sky objects, including star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. You can also observe the planets of the solar syste...More
Levenhuk Ra 150N Dobson Telescope

Newtonian telescope. Aperture: 153 mm. Focal length: 1215 mm

The Levenhuk Ra 150N Dobson telescope is an easy to use optical instrument for observing deep sky objects, including bright and faint galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae. Some of them can be observed...More
Levenhuk Ra 250N Dobson Telescope

Newtonian telescope with a built-in primary mirror cooling fan. Aperture: 250mm. Focal length: 1250mm

Levenhuk Ra 250N Dobson is a Newtonian reflector with a 250mm diameter primary mirror. Its optics allow for observing thousands of deep-sky objects in detail that cannot be observed with small-apertur...More
Levenhuk Ra 300N Dobson Telescope

Newtonian telescope with a built-in primary mirror cooling fan. Aperture: 304 mm. Focal length: 1520 mm

It is difficult to overestimate the capabilities of the Levenhuk Ra 300N Dobson telescope. With this telescope, you can see thousands of objects in the night sky, many of them in detail. Only the weat...More

A selection of the best Dobsonian telescopes for astronomy in Levenhuk online store

A Dobsonian mount is a type of an alt-azimuth mount, which was designed by John Dobson. The mount consists of a flat platform, on which sits a so-called rocker box — a rotating box with two depressions cut at the top. These depressions support the weight of the altitude axle of the telescope. Dobsonian mounts are most commonly used with amateur telescopes and larger optical tubes, due to their light weight, simple assembly and precise controls. A good Dobsonian telescope is indispensable for those stargazers who would like to observe far away galaxies. Such a task requires a quality reflector telescope with a long aperture, and such a telescope is always large and heavy. So generally, a telescope on Dobsonian mount is a bulky Newtonian reflector that is too heavy for assembling on a simple folding tripod. Dobsonian mount is incredibly solid but very easy to swing. Ease of mounting, use and control makes Dobsonian telescope a very popular instrument among amateur astronomers and beginners. At the same time, due to the high optical performance of these powerful reflectors, the best Dobsonian telescopes quite often make great serious working instruments for experienced astronomers.

In our catalog you will find a fine selection of Dobsonian telescopes for astronomy targeted at both amateurs and professionals. Levenhuk Ra Dobsonian models stand out among other Dobsonian telescopes for sale because of the highest quality optics – the trademark feature of all Levenhuk Ra telescopes. While most Dobsonian telescopes are designed for beginner users, they sometimes may have a simpler design and materials. This is not the case with Levenhuk Ra Dobsonian models - these telescopes will certainly be appreciated by even the most demanding customers. All Levenhuk Ra Dob are equipped with advanced 2" dual-speed Crayford focusers and come with a 1.25" adapter, which significantly expands the list of compatible telescope accessories. Eyepieces included in the kit are also selected to make the instrument more versatile and give you more freedom in choosing interesting objects for your observations. A 9 mm Plössl eyepiece will help you get more detailed views of the Solar System planets, while a 30 mm SuperView eyepiece will provide you with quality views of nebulas, galaxies and other deep-sky objects.

On our website you can find a great number of telescope reviews including reviews on Dobsonian telescopes. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, powerful and quality telescope on a Dobsonian mount, we recommend that you read this article by Ernest Shekolyan for the authoritative “Astronomy Technology Today” magazine.