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Refractor Telescopes with Premium Optics

This section includes high-end refractors with premium optics made of ED glass (extra-low dispersion glass). High-grade optics offer noticeably enhanced resolution and color fidelity. ED optics correct chromatic aberrations and produce sharp, vivid, and crystal-clear views. These professional instruments will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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Levenhuk Ra R130 ED Triplet OTA picture

Apochromatic refractor. Objective lens diameter: 130 mm.

Levenhuk Ra R130 ED Triplet OTA is a refractor with a 130-mm (5.1-in) objective lens capable of yielding sharp and clear views of celestial objects. The apochromatic objective lens consists of three lenses that reduce ch...More

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Refractors are very popular among both amateur and professional astronomers. Such telescopes are great for observing Solar System objects as well as for terrestrial viewing. Compared to reflectors, refracting telescopes are a lot easier to maintain and adjust. Nothing, though, can be one hundred percent perfect, and refracting optical design is no exception. Refracting telescopes are known to suffer from an effect known as chromatic aberration. To put it simply, the refracting optical system adds a rainbow halo around the image and distorts image colors. Luckily, premium refractor telescopes almost completely remove aberrations. Such expensive refractor telescopes are usually apochromats, meaning their objective lenses consist of three lenses. This is not the only improvement made to refractors in order to achieve better image quality. All optical elements of premium refractors are made of specially selected ED glass with high refractive indices; usually different types of glass are combined and lenses additionally have more sophisticated shapes. Such an improved refractor becomes a perfect instrument for visual observations and, more importantly, for astrophotography – allowing you to capture the most stunning views in bright natural colors.

Levenhuk refractors with premium optics are top-notch professional instruments designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We are sure that if you are looking for the best refractor telescope, this section of our website is exactly where you can find it. We truly believe that Levenhuk Ra series apochromatic refractors are among the finest refracting optical tubes currently available on the market. But of course you don’t have to take our word for it. On our website you can read reviews on the best refractor telescopes from Levenhuk written by well-known astronomy experts. If you are looking for a high-quality premium refractor, we recommend that you read the following reviews: Astronomy tests Levenhuk’s new refractor, Levenhuk Ra R72 ED Doublet OTA Review, Levenhuk Ra R80 ED Doublet OTA Review, Levenhuk Ra R80 ED Doublet Carbon OTA Review, Levenhuk Ra R80 ED Triplet OTA Review, Levenhuk 80mm Ra ED Triplet OTA Review, Levenhuk Ra R90 ED Doublet OTA Review.