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Optical Tube Assemblies

Professional optical tube assemblies. The range includes a selection of high-quality optical tubes of different optical design. Excellent optics ensure images of top quality. Most models in this section are perfect for astrophotography.

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Levenhuk Ra R102 ED Triplet OTA photo

Apochromatic refractor. Objective lens diameter: 102 mm.

Levenhuk Ra R102 ED Triplet OTA is a refractor with a 102-mm (4-in) objective lens and focal ratio of f/7, best suited for visual observations of celestial objects. The telescope tube is fitted with a modern dual-speed C...More
Levenhuk Ra 250RC F8 OTA photo

Ritchey-Chrétien. Objective lens diameter: 250 mm. Focal length: 2000 mm

Levenhuk Ra 250RC F8 OTA is a Ritchey-Chrétien telescope with an aperture of 250 mm (9.8 in) and a focal length of 2000 mm (78.7 in) in a traditional metal shell. This model is perfect for any keen astrophotographer. One...More
Levenhuk Ra R130 ED Triplet OTA picture

Apochromatic refractor. Objective lens diameter: 130 mm.

Levenhuk Ra R130 ED Triplet OTA is a refractor with a 130-mm (5.1-in) objective lens capable of yielding sharp and clear views of celestial objects. The apochromatic objective lens consists of three lenses that reduce ch...More
Levenhuk Ra R115 ED Triplet OTA image

Apochromatic refractor. Objective lens diameter: 115 mm.

Levenhuk Ra R115 ED Triplet OTA is a refractor with an objective lens of 115-mm (4.5-in) diameter that is perfect for visual observations of the celestial sphere. The telescope tube is fitted with a modern dual-speed Cra...More
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High-quality optical tube assemblies in Levenhuk online store

The optical tube is the main part of any telescope. Optical tube assembly is a telescope tube sold separately (without a mount). Such an option may come in handy if you already own a good mount or even a camera tripod. It’s a common practice for professional astronomers to have a couple of reliable mounts and multiple optical tubes, which they alternately install on their mounts. A telescope optical tube assembly can be just an optical tube without any additional accessories or it can come with some essentials like a finder scope. Professional astronomers usually prefer OTAs (which stands for “optical tube assemblies”) to be just tubes with no extras. This enables careful selection of each additional accessory in order to achieve the best results. Nevertheless, telescope optical tubes for sale usually do include all required mounting brackets and rings for you to be able to install chosen accessories (including a mount) fairly quickly and easily.

As you have probably already figured out, OTAs are designed for experienced observers. Novice users like to get everything needed in one box and already available for observations, which is completely understandable. But it is always better to have a custom, carefully configured instrument to achieve the best results in any field. And astronomical observations and especially astrophotography are not different. While assembly of your telescope may be time consuming and quite expensive, the quality of images you will be able to enjoy will exceed all expectations.

Levenhuk OTAs are excellent instruments equipped with top optics that will take their rightful place in any professional stargazer’s collection. The tubes come with all essential accessories – mountings to easily attach your accessories, lens caps to protect high-quality optics, and sturdy cases for storage and transportation.