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Apochromatic Refractors

These telescopes have little or no effect of chromatic aberration on the image due to special types of glass that are expensive to manufacture and handling. Price of such refractors higher than the same aperture achromatic refractors.

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Levenhuk Ra R130 ED Triplet OTA picture

Apochromatic refractor. Objective lens diameter: 130 mm.

Levenhuk Ra R130 ED Triplet OTA is a refractor with a 130-mm (5.1-in) objective lens capable of yielding sharp and clear views of celestial objects. The apochromatic objective lens consists of three lenses that reduce ch...More
Levenhuk Ra R115 ED Triplet OTA image

Apochromatic refractor. Objective lens diameter: 115 mm.

Levenhuk Ra R115 ED Triplet OTA is a refractor with an objective lens of 115-mm (4.5-in) diameter that is perfect for visual observations of the celestial sphere. The telescope tube is fitted with a modern dual-speed Cra...More
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Refractor telescopes with apochromatic lenses allow almost completely removing aberrations, primarily, chromatic ones. These telescopes cope with this problem much better than achromatic refractors. Typically, the objective includes three lenses made of a different type of glass with specially selected refractive indices and carefully designed surface shape. Compared to achromatic refractors, apochromatic telescopes have a greater light-gathering power and far superior image quality. Levenhuk offers a large number of apochromatic refractors ranging from low-cost simple telescopes to powerful high-end models.