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Military Spotting Scopes

Powerful military spotting scopes with a large objective lens diameter and a wide magnification range. Outstanding capabilities allow you to observe terrestrial objects from a considerable distance. Reliable, completely waterproof shell protects the instrument from water, dust and dirt.

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Levenhuk Blaze BASE 80 Spotting Scope

An angled eyepiece. Magnification: 20–60x. Objective lens diameter: 80mm

Levenhuk Blaze BASE 80 Spotting Scope with a zoom objective lens is excellent for observing large objects as well as very distant objects. Due to that, it is excellent for studying wildlife. At small ...More
Levenhuk Blaze BASE 100 Spotting Scope

An angled eyepiece. Magnification: 25–75x. Objective lens diameter: 100mm

Levenhuk Blaze BASE 100 is a spotting scope with a 100mm objective lens that is perfect for studying natural and urban landscapes. Its aperture is large enough for observing not only on a sunny day, b...More

Spotting scopes for military use in Levenhuk online store

In this section of our catalog you can find spotting scopes suitable for military use. These spotting scopes are very powerful and resistant to impact. Models presented here feature large objective lens diameters and a wide magnification range, allowing observing very remote objects and objects relatively close to the observer with the same level of quality. Here you can find some of the most powerful models among Levenhuk spotting scopes: Levenhuk Blaze 90 PLUS and Levenhuk Blaze 100 PLUS models, which have 27-75x magnification and 90-mm and 100-mm objective lenses respectively. The high aperture of Levenhuk military spotting scopes allows for gathering more light as compared to general use spotting scopes, meaning these scopes provide bright images even in low-light conditions.

Army spotting scopes should be able to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide additional sturdiness and durability. That’s why besides high optical characteristics, Levenhuk spotting scopes for military use also feature reinforced polycarbonate rubber-armored shells. The shells are shockproof, meaning that the scope will last longer in harsh conditions. Lightweight polycarbonate allows these scopes to be not only reliable, but also lightweight. Levenhuk military spotting scopes are completely waterproof and filled with nitrogen. The nitrogen filling protects the optics from fogging. All of this means that these spotting scopes can be safely used in any weather. For additional protection, the kit of every model includes a convenient case. There is no need to remove the case even when observing, so it protects the scope not only during storage and transportation, but also during observations. As the scopes are designed for stationary observations, each comes with a steady metal tripod.