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Spotting Scopes for Kids

Great spotting scopes for young naturalists. These models are compact and easy to handle so even a child can effortlessly use these models. Their moderate magnification and zoom capabilities allow observing surroundings and studying certain objects in details.

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Levenhuk Spyglass SG2 Spotting Scope

Magnification: 12x. Objective lens diameter: 30mm

Levenhuk Spyglass SG2 Spotting Scope would be the perfect present for anyone who loves extraordinary and functional things. This stylish and sophisticated device resembles an antique spy glass. At the same time, it flawl...More
Levenhuk Blaze 50 Spotting Scope

Compact size, high convenience. Magnification: 15–45x. Objective lens diameter: 50 mm

Discover the world with Levenhuk Blaze 50! The wide range of magnifications from 15x to 45x allows you to observe highly remote objects. The high aperture objective lens provides great visibility even in dim light condit...More

The finest collection of quality spotting scopes for children in Levenhuk online store

It is very important to instill love of nature in children from an early age. Help your child better understand relationships between humans and nature and teach him or her to take care of the world around us.

Among the wide selection of Levenhuk spotting scopes you can find a number of models perfectly suitable for children. These models feature middle magnification power, sturdy and reliable shells, compact sizes and light weight. Levenhuk spotting scopes for kids are very easy to use so even a child can make all the necessary adjustments without any problems. Your child’s first spotting scope will show him or her the diversity of life around us. Your child will be able to observe birds, animals, insects and plants, and enjoy spectacular landscapes.

In the Levenhuk online store you can purchase quality spotting scopes at the best prices. The optics of all Levenhuk spotting scopes for children are made of high-quality glass covered with an anti-reflective coating in order to achieve maximum clarity and brightness of produced images. The coating is applied to both lenses and prisms. The waterproof shells are made of reliable and lightweight polycarbonate. All models are filled with nitrogen to enable rapid adaptation to temperature changes. The spotting scopes’ bodies are rubber-armored to provide a firm and comfortable grip during observations. Scopes are installed on sturdy metal tripods and are equipped with soft rubber eyecups for additional comfort.

Levenhuk spotting scopes come with a convenient case for storage and transportation, making them really portable. The case also protects the scope even during observation, as the case doesn’t need to be completely removed for the scope to be used. Buy Levenhuk spotting scopes for kids in our store at incredibly low prices.