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Spotting Scopes for Hunters

Here you can find spotting scopes that are perfectly suited for hunting due to their high magnification power and good close focus. With one of these spotting scopes you will be able to see a deer or buck or another animal from a considerable distance without any chance of frightening it away.

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Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope

High level of detail and reliability. Magnification: 20–60x. Objective lens diameter: 70 mm

The latest optical technologies, reliability and readiness for extreme conditions – all of these are Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope. Advanced level optics produce bright clear images. The large objective makes it ...More
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Quality optical equipment is a must for any avid hunter. Some prefer using hunting binoculars because of their portability and lower price. For other hunters, spotting scopes are their hunting optics of choice. Both binoculars and spotting scopes have their pros and cons in different situations. As you know, spotting scopes have higher magnification power; therefore, you will be able to get a much clearer, sharper view of long-distance objects. That’s why spotting scopes are vital when hunting in the open country for the big bears, mule deer and caribou, or mountain species such as sheep and goats.

But when you are hunting small, active species such as birds, squirrels, or deer, your quick reaction is what separates success from failure. In this case hunting binoculars come in much handier, allowing for quick actions.

Levenhuk spotting scopes designed for hunting have small dimensions and light weight – they won’t be a burden even if you have to hunt down your prey all day long. Quality optics of these spotting scopes deliver sharp, vibrant, crystal-clear views. All models in this section have reliable waterproof shells. Use them in any weather conditions and don’t worry about fragile optical elements – they are securely protected from moisture, water splashes, dust, dirt, and mechanical shock. Moreover, Levenhuk spotting scopes come with a handy case for safe storage and transportation.

Among the Levenhuk spotting scopes for hunting you will find both Levenhuk Blaze and Levenhuk Blaze PLUS models. Levenhuk Blaze PLUS spotting scopes are the logical continuation of the Levenhuk Blaze “junior” series, spotting scopes with new reinforced shells filled with nitrogen. Such shells ensure protection against moisture, fog, water splashes, dust and dirt, as well as possible mechanical damages caused by careless handling.

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