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Spotting Scopes with Magnification over 75x

The range presents powerful spotting scopes designed for field observations. Models have more than 75x magnification — that's why the most high-powered of them can be used for elementary astronomical observations.

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Levenhuk Blaze 90 Spotting Scope

Highly detailed, bright views. Magnification: 30–90x. Objective lens diameter: 90 mm

With Levenhuk Blaze 90 Spotting Scope large distances become shorter! The spotting scope provides a wide range of magnification from 30x to 90x – more than enough to observe very distant objects in great detail. The powe...More
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Levenhuk Blaze 90 PLUS Spotting Scope

Powerful, high-quality, reliable. Magnification: 25–75x. Objective lens diameter: 90 mm

Levenhuk Blaze 90 PLUS Spotting Scope is created for those who want to see every detail. Advanced fully coated optics produce clear images, while high (up to 75x!) magnification allows studying even very distant objects....More
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Levenhuk Blaze 100 PLUS Spotting Scope

Superior optics and thoughtful design. Magnification: 25–75x. Objective lens diameter: 100 mm

Levenhuk Blaze 100 PLUS Spotting Scope is the senior model in the Levenhuk Blaze PLUS spotting scopes series. Excellent optics, a wide range of magnifications, carefully balanced proportions, and high optical performan...More
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High-powered spotting scopes in Levenhuk online store

The Levenhuk optical equipment store offers a wide selection of high-quality spotting scopes for all sorts of applications. This particular section gathers only high-powered models that produce exceptionally sharp, vivid, and clear images of highly remote objects. Levenhuk spotting scopes are ideal tools for hunting and military purposes. Spotting scopes with magnification over 75x also allow for elementary astronomical observations. Of course, such spotting scopes cannot completely replace even a primary level telescope model. But it is very convenient for terrestrial observers who want to look up at the sky once in a while and fully enjoy beautiful nocturnal landscapes. If that is all you need from your astronomical equipment, then one of these powerful spotting scopes will be more than enough! Compared to telescopes, spotting scopes have several significant advantages. First of all, most spotting scopes are smaller and lighter than telescopes. It is very convenient when you wander around in the woods for long hours. Spotting scopes are also easily mounted and always ready for use (telescopes require more complicated assembling process; they also require more time to adapt to the outside temperature). These are the main benefits of having a quality spotting scope as a primary level astronomy instrument.

Levenhuk spotting scopes feature high-quality optics fully coated with antireflective coatings. Such optics provide vivid, clear, sharp views in any conditions. Levenhuk spotting scopes also have sturdy waterproof shells that protect the optics from any negative impact. These scopes are not afraid of moisture, dust, or dirt. For additional safety, Levenhuk spotting scopes come with a handy case for storage and transportation. If weather is especially capricious, just unzip the case and start observing!

Levenhuk powerful spotting scopes are wonderful instruments for hunting, military/field uses, and elementary astronomical observations. Choose one of these quality scopes and enjoy its crisp, vivid images with lifelike colors! Shop for spotting scopes with Levenhuk!