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Spotting Scopes with Objective Lens Diameter over 80 mm

Find a spotting scope with the biggest objective lens diameter! Since they have the largest apertures these spotting scopes gather more light and are great for observing in twilight!

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Though you might find just what you need in other sections of our catalogue.

Find advanced spotting scopes with objective lens diameter over 80mm in Levenhuk online store

Spotting scopes presented in this section of our catalog feature the largest apertures among Levenhuk spotting scopes. Here you can find spotting scope models with objective lens diameters of 90mm and 100mm.

Large aperture spotting scopes are the best choice if you need to observe faint objects or if you plan on observing in low-light conditions. The aperture determines how much light the scope is able to collect. So the larger the aperture, the more light gathered by the optics and hence the brighter images you get. It seems that it’s always better to have a spotting scope with the objective lens as large as possible, but that is not always the case. Large objective lens diameter inevitably implies that the scope itself will be larger, heavier and more costly. According to this, you need to decide whether your intended purpose really requires a spotting scope with an aperture of more than 80mm. In some cases portability and price are more important, and in that case it’s better to opt for a medium aperture spotting scope. But if you want to study objects in great detail at large distances or observe in low light, then a good large aperture spotting scope is exactly what you need. Spotting scopes with large objective lens diameters also provide better results for imaging.

Magnifications of Levenhuk large aperture spotting scopes are also quite impressive – here you will find models with magnifications up to 75x and even 90x. All scopes are equipped with high-quality fully coated optics, which in combination with large objective lens diameters guarantees clear, bright and highly detailed images during terrestrial observations. And due to their high magnification power, these scopes can even be used for astronomical observations.

These scopes also feature excellent body stats. The shells are made of durable and lightweight rubber-armored polycarbonate and are completely waterproof. In the kit you will find everything needed for comfortable observation and increasing the service life of your new scope. Take your observations to a new level with Levenhuk large aperture spotting scopes!