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Levenhuk Wise Monoculars

Levenhuk Wise Monoculars are compact, modern monoculars with fixed magnification. Their compact size and light weight make these devices ideal for long walks and travel. They will make loyal companions for ornithologists, zoologists, and anyone interested in wildlife. The optics of Levenhuk Wise are made of fully multi-coated BaK-4 glass or multi-coated BK-7 glass.
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Levenhuk Wise 10x42 Monocular

Magnification: 10x. Objective lens diameter: 42 mm.

Levenhuk Wise 10x42 Monocular is a perfect optical instrument for visual observations. 10x magnification allows you to examine any remote objects: birds, animals, mountain ranges; urban architecture. ...More
Levenhuk Wise 8x32 Monocular

Magnification: 8x. Objective lens diameter: 32 mm.

Compact Levenhuk Wise 8x32 Monocular is the best choice for hiking and traveling. If you don’t want to carry around heavy full-size binoculars, then this monocular with its modern roof prism design is...More
Levenhuk Wise 8–24x50 Monocular

Magnification: 8–24x. Objective lens diameter: 50 mm

Levenhuk Wise 8–24x50 Monocular offers impressive optical characteristics. This high-aperture model with variable magnification has magnification in a range from 8x to 24x. The objective lens diameter...More
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Levenhuk Wise 8x42 Monocular

Magnification: 8x. Objective lens diameter: 42 mm.

Levenhuk Wise 8x42 Monocular is a perfect combination of powerful magnification, compact size and reliable design. It’s exactly the instrument with great optical performance that will help you out in ...More
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Best monocular for backpacking

What features should a travel monocular have? Compact, reliable, powerful – and it is all about wonderful a Levenhuk Wise Monoculars. These modern optical tools will impress you by the sharp and saturated images due to the high-quality multi-coated optics.

Do not forget your travel monocular

When you go on vacation to see new places and get new experiences, take a Levenhuk Wise Monocular with you. The small size gives you an opportunity for a wide field of application: you can use a monocular for birdwatching, observing the urban architecture, sports events, your favorite live performances, admiring the landscapes from a bird’s eye view. Moreover, the light weight and rubber-armored shells make Levenhuk Wise Monoculars the best monoculars for backpacking. Find the full range of excellent optical equipment in Levenhuk online store.