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Levenhuk Monoculars Archive

Here you can see monoculars that are currently not being produced by Levenhuk. In the main catalog you can find excellent replacements - more powerful and modern - for these models.
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Levenhuk Wise 8x25 Monocular photography

Magnification: 8x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm.

Levenhuk Wise 8x25 is a compact monocular with 8x magnification and 25 mm objective lens diameter. A great feature of this model is the close focus of only 30 centimeters, which allows seeing and examining objects that a...More
Levenhuk Wise 10-30x25 Monocular, silver photo

Magnification: 10-30x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm. Color: silver.

Levenhuk Wise 10-30x25 is a modern monocular with magnification range from 10x to 30x. Such a powerful range allows you to not only see beautiful landscapes or distant urban structures, but also to observe the smallest d...More
Levenhuk Wise 8-17x25 Monocular, black picture

Magnification: 8-17x. Objective lens diameter: 25 mm. Color: black.

Levenhuk Wise 8-17x25 Monocular is a compact and lightweight monocular with variable magnification for observing wildlife or sports events. Magnification range from 8x to 17x allows you to not only enjoy the colorful lan...More