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Microscopes for University Research

High-quality advanced microscopes for students. These microscopes are perfect for teaching demonstrations in laboratories; biological or medical research.

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Buy a quality educational microscope in Levenhuk store

If you are looking for a quality educational microscope for a child or for yourself, Levenhuk online store is just the place! The range is truly wide: Here you can find simple compound microscopes, digital models, and stereomicroscopes. All instruments feature top build and optical quality.

Proper education should essentially include a set of life science subjects, the mastering of which is unthinkable without using microscopes. Educational microscopes must be quality instruments providing views of high quality and featuring advanced possibilities, but easy to use at the same time. A range of microscopes that meet those requirements are represented in this section of our catalog. Since microscopy as a research method occurs not only in biological and medical fields, but also in many other scientific and professional spheres, Levenhuk educational microscopes include both classic optical and digital biology microscopes as well as more specific stereomicroscopes.

Basic optical microscopes are the oldest, simplest and most widely used microscope design. This microscope type is commonly used by students for biology, medicine, and material science classes. Digital microscopes are more complex models that allow you to observe objects in real time on your PC monitor or laptop and make quality photos and videos that will surely help you in the preparation of beautiful and interesting presentations and scientific works. Stereo microscopes provide three-dimensional images of observed volume samples and guarantee high precision measurement, which also can be used for creating great scientific study.

All of our microscopes meet the highest quality standards. We guarantee high accuracy, reliability, and excellent image quality. Affordable prices allow you to choose the best microscope for university studies without hurting you budget. Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of science with Levenhuk!