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Levenhuk Rainbow NG Microscopes

Can microscopes be unusual and eye-catching? Levenhuk says yes! We gladly introduce our designer series of microscopes presented in 5 colors: Azure, Rose, Lime, Orange and Amethyst. If you are tired of ordinary "steel", white or black microscopes - here you will find what you need!

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Levenhuk D2L NG Digital Microscope photo

Teaching digital microscope for the beginners, resolution 350 000 pixels

The Levenhuk D2L NG Digital Microscope allows you to undertake high-quality research and take photos/videos of your observations as well. This model can be connected to a PC using USB interface, the software is included ...More

Levenhuk Rainbow series microscopes – the best Levenhuk microscopes for children

Here they are and they say everything for themselves with their bright, fresh and simply amazing design. Microscopes have never been so appealing!

Levenhuk Rainbow series microscopes are our most popular amateur microscopes and they are on the list of Levenhuk bestsellers every month. Color microscopes are loved by not only the youngest scientists, but also by adult beginning and amateur users, because their incredible appearance cannot leave anyone indifferent. You can say that appearance alone is not enough to make a good microscope, and you would be right. There are several reasons for Levenhuk Rainbow microscopes’ popularity.

First of all, even though Levenhuk Rainbow are so compact and look so lovely, these microscopes are not toys. Sometimes when customers buy a Levenhuk Rainbow series microscope as the first microscope for their kids, they think of them as toy microscopes with plastic bodies and plastic optics. But being real working instruments, Levenhuk Rainbow microscopes feature metal bodies and multi-coated glass optics. Microscopes in the series provide magnifications up to 1280x, which is way beyond the range of toy microscopes. At the same time, we tried to keep these microscopes as affordable as possible. Prices for Levenhuk rainbow microscopes start at just $69.95.

Another feature that you will rarely find in toy microscopes is a double illumination system, which doesn't limit your observations to transparent samples only, but also allows you to study opaque objects. The light sources in Rainbow microscopes are LED and halogen. These types of illumination are recognized as the best for use in microscopes.

To sum it up, Levenhuk Rainbow series microscopes are beautiful, reliable, easy and comfortable to use and provide high-quality images and high performance. These microscopes attract a lot of attention – you can find many Levenhuk Rainbow series microscopes reviews in the Good to Know section, including this detailed review from toptenreviews.com. But as they say, one picture is worth a thousand words. You can find examples of what you can see through Levenhuk Rainbow microscopes here and here.

Levenhuk Rainbow microscopes are the epitome of our motto – Zoom&Joy!