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Discovery Nano Series

Entry-level microscopes for hobbies, home microscopic studies, and school biology lessons. They have glass achromatic optics, provide magnification in the range from 40x to 400x, and are equipped with a dual LED illumination that is powered by batteries. The Discovery Nano series includes optical microscopes and a model with a 0.3MP digital camera. Each microscope comes with the "Invisible World" knowledge book.

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Discovery Nano Microscope

As a hobby and for school. Monocular. Achromatic optics. LED illumination Magnification: 40–400x

The Discovery Nano monocular microscope will help you to delve into the school course of biology and become an indispensable tool for scientific hobbies. It allows for studying prepared s...More
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Discovery Nano Polar Digital Microscope with book

Monocular. Achromatic Optics. LED Illumination. 0.3MP Digital Camera. Magnification: 40–400x

The Discovery Nano Polar digital microscope is a monocular biological microscope with a 0.3MP digital camera. It can be used both for classic visual observations and for creating digital research a...More
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Цифров микроскоп Discovery Nano Polar с книга

Монокулярен. Ахроматична оптика. Светодиодно осветление. Цифрова камера 0,3 MP. Увеличение: 40–400x

Цифровият микроскоп Discovery Nano Polar е монокулярен биологичен микроскоп с 0,3 МР цифрова камера. Може да се използва както за класически визуални наблюдения, така и за създаване на архиви на циф...More
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