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Discovery Femto series

The Discovery Femto microscope series consists of optical microscopes and models with 3Mpx cameras intended for beginners. It has achromatic optics and offers 40x to 400x magnification with dual LED illumination and brightness adjustment. The line’s special feature is the ocular tube’s 45° incline which makes long observations more comfortable. It’s an excellent choice for hobbyists and students alike. Every microscope comes with an illustrated knowledge book, “The Invisible World”.

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Microscope Discovery Femto Polar with book

Achromatic. 45° inclined 360° rotatable monocular head, LED illumination, precise focusing. 40x to 400x magnification

The Discovery Femto Polar is a classic, monocular microscope that enables the examination of the microbial world in transmitted and reflected light with a magnification of 40x-400x. It can show plant...More
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Discovery Femto Polar digital microscope with book

Achromatic. 45° inclined with rotatable head, LED illumination, and precise focusing. Magnification: 40x-400x. 3Mpx camera included

The Discovery Femto Polar digital microscope enables you to examine the microbial world as well as record specimens as pictures or videos. The 3Mpx camera can keep an archive of recordings and disp...More
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