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Discovery Centi series

The Discovery Centi microscopes are designed for beginners, complete with many accessories and the "Invisible World" book of knowledge. These are easy-to-use devices for those who want to get acquainted with the microworld and conduct their first-ever scientific experiments. Packaged in colorful boxes, they are perfect as a gift.

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Discovery Centi 02 Microscope with book

Magnification: 100x–900x. The kit includes more than 25 accessories and the "Invisible World" knowledge book

The Discovery Centi 02 microscope is designed for users who are just beginning to learn the basics of biology and want to explore the microworld. This model is easy to use as it requires no special kn...More
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Discovery Centi 01 Microscope with book

Magnification: 100–300x. The kit includes more than 20 accessories and the "Invisible World" knowledge book

The Discovery Centi 01 microscope is a real find for a beginner biologist who wants to see the incredible beauty of the microworld and study the life of microorganisms. The microscope is easy to use. ...More
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