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Levenhuk 850 series Microscopes

Levenhuk 850 microscope is a powerful binocular microscope ideal for medical and biological research at high magnifications. The microscope is equipped with a built-in dark field condenser and can be switched from brightfield to darkfield method of research.

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Levenhuk 850 series – powerful microscope allowing for darkfield observations

The Levenhuk 850 microscope series includes only one model, but it is one of the best Levenhuk microscopes for professionals.

Of course, the main distinctive feature of the Levenhuk 850B biological binocular microscope is the ability to easily switch between brightfield and darkfield methods of research. But first, let’s take a look at the main technical characteristics of this microscope.

The microscope features high magnification of up to 2000x produced by some of the best Levenhuk optics. The kit of this model includes four wide-field objectives and two pairs of wide-field PLAN eyepieces. Currently PLAN is considered the best type of optics, so no wonder that the Levenhuk 850B microscope provides the observer with top-quality views.

Besides high magnification power and outstanding optics, the microscope also allows for the most comfortable observations. Its rotatable binocular head with interpupillary distance adjustment and eyepiece diopter adjustment is great for long-term observations. The built-in halogen lamp allows you to set the desired level of illumination. Coarse and fine focusing systems save you from spending precious observation time trying to focus the view properly. The bi-coordinate stage of this model can move in both vertical and horizontal directions.

And finally, the special condenser of the Levenhuk 850B microscope – an Abbe condenser with premium iris diaphragm and built-in darkfield condenser. Such condenser allows you to switch between brightfield and darkfield modes in one swift motion. Darkfield illumination technique is used to increase the visibility of some transparent samples. So if you see that brightfield research is not enough for a particular specimen, there is no need to stop the observation; you can try to study all the hidden details in the darkfield mode. Levenhuk 850B Biological Binocular Microscope is your microscope for both brightfield and darkfield observations! You can find more information about this model by reading the Levenhuk 850 series microscope review here.