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Levenhuk 800 series Microscopes

The Levenhuk 850 microscope is a powerful binocular microscope ideal for medical and biological research at high magnifications. Levenhuk 870 microscopes are compound and digital trinocular microscopes that are perfect for medical and biological research at high magnifications.

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Levenhuk D870T 8M Digital Trinocular Microscope

Digital microscope with a trinocular head and an 8Mpx camera.

Levenhuk D870T 8M Digital Trinocular Microscope is a wonderful digital microscope that will find its use in various fields. It is perfect for medical and biological research at high magnifications, bu...More
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Levenhuk 850B Biological Binocular Microscope image

Binocular head. Revolving nosepiece: 4 objectives. Magnification: 40–2000x

Levenhuk 850B Biological Binocular Microscope is ideal for biochemical, pathologo-anatomic, cytologic, urologic, dermatologic, biologic, and general clinical research in laboratories of any medical i...More
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Levenhuk 870T Biological Trinocular Microscope photo

Trinocular head. Revolving nosepiece with four objective lenses. Magnification from 40x to 2000x

Levenhuk 870T is a reliable biological trinocular microscope that may be used for the bright field observations. It is commonly used in various medical laboratories for clinical research in dermatolo...More
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Powerful Levenhuk 870 microscopes in compound and digital execution

Levenhuk 870 microscopes are two high-powered models designed for clinical research in biochemistry, dermatology, cytology, and other scientific studies. These microscopes are able to magnify objects up to 2000x. Both models presented in the series feature trinocular head design. For visual observations you use two eyepieces, which provide more comfortable observations and allow you to avoid any eye fatigue or strain. The third eyepiece is used as a slot for a digital camera, allowing you to turn your compound microscope into a digital one. A digital camera is already included in the kit with Levenhuk D870T Digital Trinocular Microscope. Designed specifically for this model, the camera perfectly complements this microscope and significantly extends its capabilities. The camera allows you to take high-quality images of observed samples and then save them on your PC for future work.
In case you already have your own microscope digital camera or, maybe, you want to choose a camera yourself, then you should consider the Levenhuk 870T Biological Trinocular Microscope. This microscope is the same as the digital version except for inclusion of the digital camera in the kit.

Levenhuk 800 series Microscopes are made with meticulous care at all stages of production. You can be sure that produced images will always be vivid, sharp and clear. To get a glimpse of the microscope's capabilities, visit the product pages and see some photo examples made with these models. We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience in Levenhuk online store.