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Levenhuk 625 series Microscopes

This powerful microscope has a binocular head for an additional comfort during lengthy observations. It's perfect for use at home as well as for medical research in the laboratory.

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Levenhuk 625 series microscope – powerful binocular model from Levenhuk

The microscope presented in the Levenhuk 625 microscope series is a comfortable-to-use binocular model featuring high magnification and high-quality achromatic objectives.

Levenhuk 625 Biological Microscope is a professional instrument that is also recommended for home use by microscopy enthusiasts, who consider themselves advanced amateur users. One of the main features of this model in terms of comfort of use is its binocular head. Here you can read why binocular microscopes are considered the most comfortable microscope models. Let us just also add that this model allows you to regulate interpupillary distance. This model is the most affordable biological binocular microscope in the Levenhuk product range.

But don’t let the attractive price cause you to doubt the microscope’s quality. The Levenhuk 625 model comes with two wide-field eyepieces and four high-quality achromatic objectives, the most powerful of which (100x objective) should be utilized using the oil immersion technique. The microscope produces a wide range of magnifications of 40x to 2000x, which allows you to use it for many different purposes.

The illumination source in this model is a halogen lamp, which is considered by many the best choice for use in laboratory microscopes. The illumination features variable brightness. You can read about the main advantages of halogen illumination here.

As any professional microscope, Levenhuk 625 is equipped with double (coarse and fine) focusing systems allowing for the most precise focusing. The kit of the model includes a blue filter and a vial of immersion oil for observing images of the highest quality. You can find Levenhuk 625 series microscopes reviewed here.

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