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Levenhuk 600 series Microscopes

The Levenhuk 625 microscope has a binocular head for an additional comfort during lengthy observations. It's perfect for use at home as well as for medical research in the laboratory. Levenhuk 670 microscopes are compound and digital trinocular microscopes capable of yielding magnifications of up to 2000x. They are ideal for medicine and biology studies as well as for other fields.

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Levenhuk 625 Biological Microscope picture

Binocular head. Fitted with high-quality achromatic objective lenses.

Levenhuk 625 Biological Microscope allows for bright field observations, and may be used both at home and in a professional laboratory. Its high-quality optics are fully coated, and deliver sharp and bright images of the...More
Levenhuk 670T Biological Trinocular Microscope photo

Trinocular head. Magnification: 40-2000x

With its high-quality optics and a practical trinocular head, the Levenhuk 670T is truly a modern biological microscope. It is capable of yielding magnifications of up to 2000x, which means you can perform both casual ob...More

Levenhuk 670 microscopes – powerful trinocular microscopes for professional use

Trinocular head is the most convenient type of microscope heads in terms of comfort of use and provided functionality. But a rotatable trinocular head is not the only advantage of microscopes in the Levenhuk 600 series.

The series includes compound and digital microscope models. Both models feature high magnification power of up to 2000x produced by high-quality objectives and wide-field eyepieces included in the kit. When observing with high magnification, don’t forget to use oil immersion. A vial of immersion oil is thoughtfully supplied with these models.

Levenhuk 670 microscopes are some of the best Levenhuk microscopes for professional use in clinics and labs. The microscopes feature coarse and fine focusing and variable brightness halogen illumination. These models come with a blue filter to enhance the contrast of the images when observing at high magnifications. The kit also includes a backup halogen lamp and dust cover so you can use your microscope for many years to come.

As you probably know, the main advantage of trinocular microscopes is the ability to connect additional microscope accessories, especially microscope cameras. For this purpose, with the Levenhuk 670T Biological Trinocular Microscope you get a camera adapter – allowing you to choose the camera you want to use with your microscope.

The kit of Levenhuk D670T Digital Trinocular Microscope already includes a 5Mpx Levenhuk microscope digital camera, so there is no need for additional purchases. The camera supports video recording.

Levenhuk 670T microscopes are created for professional use, but if you are an amateur and have enough experience and feel confident with professional instruments, you can use these microscopes at home. The 670T microscopes are especially popular among microphotography enthusiasts, for instance.