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Levenhuk 320 series Microscopes

Series presents a powerful microscope in compound and digital execution. These microscopes are ideal for medical laboratories and colleges. The main advantages of these models are a coordinate moving stage, an Abbe condenser, integrated coarse and fine adjustment screws, sharpness adjustment, and wide field eyepieces.

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Exceptional image quality with Levenhuk 320 series Microscopes

Levenhuk biological microscopes are widely used by students and professors in educational institutions. This type of microscope is also in high demand among clinical laboratory specialists and researchers. The microscopes can be applied to biochemical, pathologic-anatomic, hematologic, cytologic, urologic, dermatologic, biologic, and general clinical research. Levenhuk biological microscopes, with their monocular head design, are quite affordable in comparison to binocular models; this fact makes them a good budget choice for colleges and medial laboratories. Despite their low price, these microscopes are crammed with lots of useful features: Levenhuk 320 and D320L NG microscopes are equipped with coordinate moving stages, Abbe condensers, coarse and fine adjustment screws, and sharpness adjustment. Included wide field eyepieces and four objective lenses with different magnification power allow you to use various combinations to achieve the best results of your research. In order to increase the resolution, we also added powerful 100x objective lenses designed specifically for oil immersion microscopy.

In this section you can see two microscope models: Levenhuk 320 Biological Microscope and Levenhuk D320L Digital Biological Microscope. The only difference between these two models is that the latter model is equipped with a special digital camera. Levenhuk D320L Digital Biological Microscope allows you to take quality photos of your observed samples, and save results of your research on your PC for further processing and analysis. The kit also includes very convenient photo-editing software, Levenhuk ToupView.

Levenhuk 320 series Microscopes are made to the highest quality standards. Their first-class optics guarantee exceptional sharpness and vividness of produced views. Shop for microscopes with Levenhuk!