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Microscopes for Dark-field Observations

Section contains Levenhuk darkfield microscopes. Darkfield microscope illuminates a sample only from the sides so it appears bright against a dark background. These microscopes are perfect for observations of live and unstained specimens.

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Levenhuk 850B Biological Binocular Microscope image

Binocular head. Revolving nosepiece: 4 objectives. Magnification: 40-2000x. Built-in dark field condenser

Levenhuk 850B Biological Binocular Microscope is ideal for biochemical, pathologo-anatomic, cytologic, hematologic, urologic, dermatologic, biologic, and general clinical research in laboratories of any medical instituti...More
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Levenhuk 870T Biological Trinocular Microscope photo

Trinocular head. Revolving nosepiece with four objective lenses. Magnification from 40x to 2000x. Built-in dark field condenser.

Levenhuk 870T is a reliable biological trinocular microscope that may be used for both bright field and dark field observations. It is commonly used in various medical laboratories for clinical research in dermatology, b...More
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Levenhuk D870T 8M Digital Trinocular Microscope

Digital microscope with a trinocular head and an 8Mpx camera.

Levenhuk D870T 8M Digital Trinocular Microscope is a wonderful digital microscope that will find its use in various fields. It is perfect for medical and biological research at high magnifications, but it may also find i...More
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Buy quality dark field microscope at

Microscopes presented here feature built-in dark field condensers and allow observations using the dark field method. However, bright field observations may be carried out as well, since these microscopes allow easy switching between modes. A lot of studies simply can’t be made using the bright field method (transparent objects are invisible when using the bright field method), that’s why dark field microscopes are highly valued and are demanded in many professional spheres.

The darkfield method is used to view transparent, unstained specimens such as living cells. For example, this method is widely applied in hematologic studies of blood. The darkfield Illumination technique is used to significantly enhance the contrast in unstained samples. When observing using the darkfield method, you can see a very bright specimen on a dark background; hence the name of this technique is ‘darkfield’.

Levenhuk darkfield microscopes are ideal for biochemical, cytologic, hematologic, urologic, dermatologic, biologic, and general clinical research in laboratories in any medical setting. Non-biological samples for observations include minerals, chemical crystals, colloidal particles, glass impurities, ceramic, etc.

All darkfield microscopes presented in this catalogue section are made using the latest technologies and produce exceptionally clear, bright views of observed microscope samples. We’ve set competitive prices for dark field microscopes so we are sure you will be able to pick one of these advanced laboratory devices for yourself.