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Microscopes with Magnification up to 200x

This range includes models for those who are at the beginning of a fascinating journey through a microcosm and quality stereo microscopes with magnification not more than 40x.

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Levenhuk LabZZ M4 Stereo Microscope

Magnification: 40x. Stereo Microscope. Working distance: 75mm

Levenhuk LabZZ M4 Stereo Microscope is a great choice for studying large objects. This microscope provides stereo images and has a wide working distance of 75mm. It will be convenient for observing coins, minerals, rocks...More
Levenhuk LabZZ M1 Microscope

Magnification: 100–300x. Experiment kit included.

Levenhuk LabZZ M1 Microscope is designed for young explorers of the microcosm. With this microscope young scientists will take their first steps in science. The supplied kit includes everything needed for this purpose: e...More
Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope description

Monocular. Magnification: 200x. Illumination: mirror.

Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope is an attractively priced basic microscope for beginners, children and students. The microscope works in bright field mode allowing you to observe transparent specimens, and has a very good pric...More
Levenhuk 3S NG Microscope picture

Monocular. Magnification: 200x. Illumination: mirror. Also included: Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit

With the Levenhuk 3S NG you can begin your adventures in the world of science right after you take the microscope out of the box, with the included Experiment Kit. This model allows for bright field observations of trans...More
Levenhuk 1ST Microscope

Magnification: 20x. Stereo microscope with 65mm working distance.

Levenhuk 1ST stereo microscope has a binocular head that allows for working with minerals, gems, coins, and other large objects. The microscope’s relatively large working distance of 65 mm allows you to solve a variety o...More
Levenhuk 2ST Microscope picture

Stereo microscope. Binocular head. Magnification: 40x

Levenhuk 2ST Microscope is a modern tool with a long working distance of 60 mm (2.4 in) and maximum magnification of 40x. Such a working distance allows for observations of relatively large samples, such as minerals, jew...More

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen

Levenhuk DTX TV Digital Microscope

Magnification: 10–200x. Digital USB microscope with a stand and 3mpx digital camera.

Levenhuk DTX TV is a digital microscope allowing you to observe studied samples on a PC or TV monitor. The kit includes USB and HDMI cables so that you can choose the most convenient connection method. The microscope tra...More
Levenhuk DTX 720 WiFi Digital Microscope

Compact. Capable. Wireless. Magnification: 10-200x. Digital camera: 1Mpx. Wireless connection.

The portable Levenhuk DTX 720 WiFi Digital Microscope is a new concept in modern optical equipment! Lightweight, high-performance and comfortable to use, Levenhuk DTX 720 WiFi makes the perfect instrument for work, hobby...More
Levenhuk 3ST Microscope photo

Stereo microscope. Binocular head. Magnification: 20-40x

Levenhuk 3ST is a reliable stereo microscope with a binocular head inclined at 45 degrees. This design allows for comfortable observations for extended periods of time without any muscle strain, and no additional stress ...More

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen

Levenhuk 5ST Microscope description

Stereo microscope. Binocular head. Magnification: 20-40x

Levenhuk 5ST Microscope is a modern tool perfect for use both at home and in a professional laboratory. Due to the long working distance (160 mm, 6.3 in) of this lab microscope, you will be able to study everything you w...More

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

Levenhuk LP10 Cleaning Pen

Levenhuk DTX 43 Digital Magnifier

Magnification: 6–14x (6x, 8x, 10x, and 14x). Display diagonal: 4.3".

Levenhuk DTX 43 Digital Magnifier is an excellent choice for reading and working with small illustrations. This optical tool has four fixed magnifications and seven color modes for displaying text. Connect a magnifying g...More

Best choice of microscopes for beginners!

When choosing a new working instrument, whether it is a telescope, microscope or other piece of optical equipment, we usually look for the most advanced models with many different (and often not very practical) features. However, it is important to understand that if you are a beginner, and, for a better reason, if you want to acquire a microscope for your son or daughter who has never worked with microscope before, there is no point in buying some very complex instrument with high magnification power. If your kid is in primary of middle school, microscopes shown in this section would be a perfect choice (if you have an older kid, check our high school microscope models).

Of course it’s hard to argue the importance of magnification in a microscope, but the thing is that for most of the needs beginners have, high magnification is not required (note that high-powered microscopes are usually rather expensive) and microscope magnification of 200x is usually enough. With 200x microscope magnification you will be able to observe daphnia, infusoria, dust mites and many other interesting samples that beginners usually want to observe first of all. With these low-powered microscopes you will also be able to study almost all slides, which are included in popular prepared slides sets. Here you can see for yourself that magnification up to 200x allows you to see lots of amazing samples.

So once you’ve decided to buy a microscope, ask yourself the following question: What’s the purpose of this purchase; how and where am I going to use it? If you have no experience in microscopy and you need it for your hobby, for example, coin or sand collecting – then you will definitely find your first microscope in this section.

The section contains quality low-powered microscope models designed for beginners. These easy-to-use microscopes provide all necessary basic functions; the magnification power ranges from 40x to 200x. Low magnification power microscopes are not only appropriate for kids and beginners: There is a special type of industrial microscope, the stereomicroscope, and its design allows for low magnification observation for the best results in a number of applied applications.

Levenhuk stereomicroscopes, also included in this category, are ideal tools for observing minerals, jewelry, watches, coins, and geological samples. These microscopes create 3-dimensional 'stereo' images of observed objects, allowing you to measure their dimensions with unprecedented accuracy.

Levenhuk online store offers only high-quality instruments made with meticulous quality during all stages of production. Buy one of these quality microscopes for beginners or stereomicroscopes at the best possible prices in Levenhuk online store.