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Microscopes with Magnification from 650x to 1280x

Levenhuk middle-powered microscopes are perfect for laboratory researches in colleges and universities. Wide range can provide models for any field of use.

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Levenhuk LabZZ M3 Microscope

Magnification: 300–1200x. Experiment kit included.

Levenhuk LabZZ M3 Microscope - is a true find for an inquisitive child. It has everything that a young scientist dreams of, and comes with 100 useful accessories! Prepared microscope slides, blanks slides and cover slips...More
Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Microscope

Reliable educational microscope. The kit includes everything needed for first biological experiments. Magnification: 40-800x.

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L – bright, stylish microscopes perfect for beginning microcosm explorers, as well as experienced biologists. These microscopes allow you to examine plant and animal tissues and learn more about their cellular structure, observ...More

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

Invisible World. Knowledge book


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Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Microscope

Excellent optics, modern design, robust body. Experiment kit included. Magnification: 64–1280x.

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS - the perfect combination of stylish design, excellent optics, and ergonomic body. Like all other models in the Levenhuk Rainbow family, these microscopes are ideal for young researchers. Each model comes with a Levenhuk...More

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

Invisible World. Knowledge book


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Levenhuk Rainbow D50L PLUS 2M Digital Microscope, Moonstone

Modern technologies, wide possibilities, user-friendly design. Digital camera and experiment kit included. Magnification: 64–1280x.

Modern technologies that enter the optical equipment market significantly increase our possibilities. With Levenhuk Rainbow D50L PLUS 2M Digital Microscope, Moonstone you can not only observe plant and animal cells or mi...More

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

+ $14.95 Value Gift (Limited Time Offer)

Invisible World. Knowledge book

Levenhuk LabZZ MT2 Microscope & Telescope Kit

Designed for children over 6 years old

A wealth of interesting discoveries awaits your kid with Levenhuk LabZZ MT2 Microscope & Telescope Kit! The kit includes a biological microscope with an experiment set and a refracting telescope. These instruments featur...More

Buy quality mid-powered microscopes in Levenhuk online store

A medium-powered microscope is one of the best options for amateur users with some experience working with microscopes. These microscopes with magnification up to 1280x provide you with high enough power and useful additional features without going professional. While providing significant magnification, mid-powered microscopes remain easy and comfortable to use and do not require a lot of skills and special knowledge.

Levenhuk offers a wide range of high-quality mid-powered microscope models. These universal models can be used in various applications. The magnification power of these microscopes ranges from 650x to 1280x. These instruments are equipped with upper and lower LED illuminations, allowing you to observe both transparent specimens and opaque objects such as coins, paper, fabrics, sand and more. Due to the combination of good magnification power and their versatility, these instruments are frequently chosen for use in schools and colleges. That’s why in this section you will find our bestselling Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Microscope that is not only a wonderful educational microscope, but also a great tool for having fun! And of course these microscopes are suitable for home use as well. They make wonderful gifts for young scientists and are very popular among our customers. All mod els in the section come with a durable case for storing and transporting your microscope and accessories. Select microscope models also include an experiment kit, allowing you to create your own microscope slides.

Levenhuk optical equipment store offers only high-quality products made of first class material and with meticulous control during all stages of the production process. We guarantee superior performance, outstanding build quality and reliability of our instruments. Choose one of these 650x-1280x microscopes at a very attractive price and see for yourself!