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Levenhuk Zeno

Levenhuk Zeno – universal magnifiers for working with small fonts and images. The series includes classic handheld magnifiers and stand magnifiers. Here you will find magnifiers with metal and plastic bodies. Most of the models feature energy-efficient LED illumination.
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Levenhuk Zeno 1000 LED Magnifier, 2.5/5x, 88/21 mm

Magnification: 2.5/5x. Lens diameter: 88/21mm. LED light

Levenhuk Zeno 1000 LED Magnifier is a unique desktop magnifier that may be used for studying texts and small objects. A special bracket allows you to mount it on a table, while its flexible arm allows...More
Levenhuk Zeno 400 LED Magnifier, 2/4x, 88/21 mm, Metal

Magnification: 2/4x. Lens diameter: 88/21mm. LED light

Levenhuk Zeno 400 LED Magnifier is a modern magnifier with two lenses and built-in illumination. The main lens yields a 2x magnification, while the 4x inset lens allows you to see even more details on...More
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Levenhuk Zeno 900 LED Magnifier, 5x, 75 mm, Metal

Magnification: 5x. Lens diameter: 75mm. LED light

Levenhuk Zeno 900 LED is a compact portable magnifier designed without a handle. Its large lens diameter of 75 mm and strong magnification of 5x allow you to comfortably work with fine fonts, observe ...More
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