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Magnifiers with Magnification over 10x

In this section you can find the most high-powered models in the range of Levenhuk magnifiers. These powerful magnifiers allow you to see even the tiniest details of objects.

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Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G1 Magnifying Glasses

Monocular magnifying glasses. LED illumination. Magnification: 20x.

Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G1 Magnifying Glasses - is a convenient instrument for working with small objects. The magnifier has a 20x lens and built-in LED illumination. The lens can be moved left-right on the rim (relative to ...More
Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G2 Magnifying Glasses

LED illumination. Magnification: 20x.

Levenhuk Zeno Vizor G2 Magnifying Glasses are designed for high precision work of any level of complexity. These magnifying glasses are worn the same way as regular glasses, which allows for prolonged work without any di...More
Levenhuk Zeno 700 LED Magnifier, 10x, 30 mm, Metal picture

LED illumination. Magnification: 10x. Diameter: 30 mm

Levenhuk Zeno 700 LED Magnifier is a practical and reliable tool for those who often work with texts and images. Its design and powerful 10x magnification allow you to see even the smallest details of objects. The yielde...More

Powerful 10x magnifier for high-precision work with small details

Looking for a powerful magnifying glass? Well, you’ve just found the place!

Levenhuk optical equipment store offers the widest selection of quality magnifiers for a variety of purposes. The convenient catalogue helps you navigate through dozens of quality magnifiers of different magnification, diameter, features, and body design.

Magnifiers in this section provide truly impressive power – of 10x and over. Such magnifiers can be applied in jewelry and watchmaking. If you are a coin collector or into collecting other things, we recommend that you buy 10x magnifier. This powerful tool will be a great helper in your hobby. If your job duties include work with small objects, text, or images, this tool becomes a necessity. All Levenhuk magnifiers have reliable design and top-quality optics for the clearest and sharpest views.

Levenhuk Zeno 700 - Quality 10x magnifier with light

Let’s take a closer look at Levenhuk Zeno 700 LED Magnifier, 10x, 30 mm, Metal. This is a high-quality 10x magnifier designed for viewing the smallest details of objects and images. It can be used for both domestic and professional use. This 10x handheld magnifier is equipped with LED lights providing even illumination of the observed area. This 10x magnifier with light is powered by two AA batteries that come in the kit. The batteries are inserted in the handle. And the handle has one more special feature – a little support at the end. With the support this 10x magnifier doesn’t need to be held in your hand all the time during work. The magnifier is made of metal – even if you accidently drop it to the ground, don’t worry – it will stay intact. Buy this quality 10x magnifier and see for yourself!

Remember that as magnification power increases, lens diameter and field of view decrease. So powerful magnifying glasses may not be the best choice for reading books and newspapers. Find comfortable reading magnifiers here.

Powerful 10x magnifying glasses are the best choice for professional purposes – buy now in Levenhuk online store!